Imperceptible processing technique uses the metal at electronic industry

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Machining a domain imperceptibly, can use traditional machining and electric treatment, the processing technique that farther hunting miniaturization and miniature change, make thereby but the machine of spare parts of metal of miniature of production of ground of efficient, economy. Can foreknow, after this can have the craft of the component treatment of a few micron to millimeter class size and facility, will become a metal to machine trend of a of industry product development and application significant progress. Processing technique of imperceptible electric spark is imperceptible a electric spark processing technique is imperceptible treatment domain main branch, the craft parameter that how optimizes imperceptible treatment is quite important in treatment of imperceptible electric spark, this includes to control the working state of electrode, reduce its to wear away, create optimal condition to undertake three-dimensional substance and curved surface machine high quality thereby. Ministry of science and technology of Harbin Institute of Technology studies development goes peristaltic type to control electric drive small small-sized electric spark processes a system, its bulk small, weight is light, in treatment precision respect can satisfy the treatment requirement of accurate and tiny part. Fastening those who have distinguishing feature is, this electric spark machines a system to still can be installed to be on the arm of the robot, realize local to large work some imperceptible treatment thereby. This applies to the equipment of small small-sized treatment, also can be competent the exercise inside narrow space, in view of this, its can apply extensively at the imperceptible treatment of metallic component not only, to the treatment inside the local and imperceptible treatment of those large component and narrow space, can obtain the treatment that is opposite with answering hard toward place of groovy process instrumentation more. What small milling of small milling processing technique serves as small part and tall nice spare parts is brand-new processing technique, get attention fully in the application of electronic industry. Recently, in A Jixia rice Er Beijing uses a center, the diameter that machines a client place requirement successfully is only 0.

The high accuracy electron of 1mm yuan parts of an apparatus, finishing finished product shows semicircle dambered surface, place is in character with cutting material HRC55 ~ 58 between. This one electron yuan the treatment of parts of an apparatus is completed by machining center of milling of high speed of Mi Kelang HSM500, the high speed main shaft that configured rotate speed to be 42000rpm and system of corresponding imperceptible treatment cutting tool, used software of CimatronE small milling. The machining center of milling of high speed of Mi Kelang HSM500 that Ajixiamier produces is user of mould of accurate report subclass and treatment of small-sized and nice spare parts only the industry is custom-built. Structure of its lathe bed is dragon doorcase posture, use concrete polymer (scagliola) make, can absorb the intense wallop of the generation below taller acceleration circumstance effectively, ensure thereby treatment precision of height. Introduce according to Cimatron respect, the software of this small milling of this company faces what milling of miniature component numerical control machines first times to commercialize application software for the whole world, basically apply at high accuracy the design of small part and mould and make, can reach efficient the perfect union with low cost. Software of CimatronE small milling can be passed use very small cutting tool (the diameter is less than 0.

1mm) , treatment is achieved 0.

The quality of freeboard curved surface of the public errand of accept rice class of 0001 millimeter. Have the aid of its in-house and built-in CAD tool, what can make sure tall geometry precision is algorithmic is smooth move, this comes to book;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to high accuracy is tiny the design of spare parts and mould and make. In the meantime, this system is applied to its at equipment also has corresponding demand, it is high accuracy above all, achieve 5 micron or smaller; Quality of curved surface treatment is good, for 0.

2 micron or smaller; Hardness exceeds 45HRC to wait. To satisfy afore-mentioned requirements, mean, use small milling software to have the facility of the design, need to use a diameter enough small cutting tool, for example the diameter is 100 micron or smaller; The appearance scale to high speed cutting tool (L/D) also have limit, also must achieve at least 10, even 100; In the meantime, the rotate speed of high speed main shaft needs prep above 150, 000rpm, treatment public errand also must comparative tiny, 0.

1 micron or smaller) . From this knowable, arrive from itself of machining center equipment corresponding tool, and even the configuration of whole software, need to match meticulously, ability machines the metal successfully craft apply at this one super nicety, exceed imperceptible domain. Laser beam machining of technology of laser beam machining belongs to blame contact sex to machine means, do not generate mechanical pressure, can adjust as a result of laser focusing beam of light extremely fine, can realize the careful treatment that goes up in yuan of parts of an apparatus with quite minor volume. Development of China project science and technology goes equipment of much money laser to have cut to the metal, solder, finishing, stiletto and small treatment. The application in electronic industry is quite wide. The machine that make bid can be aimed at an electron yuan parts of an apparatus, clavier, chip, integrated circuit, integrated circuit undertake automation line number works, include character or graphical number (one dimension code, 2 dimension code) ; Cut machine can have cut to silicon chip; Solder machine can have the accurate part such as down-lead of microelectronics component, integrated circuit solder etc. In addition, notable is, should in electronic industry materiality the ground popularizes imperceptible treatment, economy often becomes main consideration factor. Also namely, whether can obtain treatment cycle is shorter, and can realize batch production. For instance, use the method such as imperceptible figuration, imperceptible patternmaking and tiny model casting, produce at the batch of miniature spare parts applicably. CNC Milling CNC Machining