Numerous medium application is transformed in lathe of ordinary numerical control to promote CNC

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Summary: The article basically is numerous add servo plan to transform the applied introduction that is lathe of automatic numerical control in common lathe to start numerical control system, numerous define to promote CNC4220 lathe to controlled a system to make, bring price of one individual character to compare form a complete set of admirable lathe numerical control to reach for broad lathe manufacturer and terminal user transform program. Keyword: Lathe of servo of lathe of treatment numerical control transforms lathe of athletic control system to send makings foreword numerical control automatically the machine tool is one kind passes digital information, control machine tool is pressed given athletic contrail, the treatment of the Electromechanical unifinication that undertakes be machininged automatically equips, through the development of half century, numerical control machine tool already was one of important signs of modern manufacturing industry, in Chinese manufacturing industry, the application of numerical control machine tool is wider and wider also, be comprehensive strength of a company reflect. Numerical control lathe is the abbreviation of lathe of digital programme controll, its collect versatility is good all-purpose model lathe, the nicety with treatment tall precision lathe and treatment efficiency are tall special model the characteristic of lathe at a suit, it is home makes dosage the biggest, enclothe machine tool of the widest a kind of numerical control. The craft range of the craft limits lathe of lathe is very wide, can machine the treatment of all sorts of circumgyrate surfaces, if inside and outside is columnar,face of face, circumgyrate of chamfer of taper seat, annulus, figuration, transverse plane is mixed all sorts of whorl, still can undertake Kong He of bore, reaming, bore with a reamer rolls the job such as the flower, following plan institute are shown. The lathe that before transforming, at present home uses controls fashion: Practiced artificial control: On the desk bed of simple and easy car: Through shaping knife and special fixture complete the treatment of the spare parts. The labor strength of the work that this kind of means handles is great. Character is not controallable, feed speed and strength are full by carry out artificially. Debug a trouble. Semi-automatic center lathe: Through shaping knife or general cutting tool complete the treatment of the spare parts. The labor strength of the work that this kind of means handles is great. Character relatively simple and easy lathe is stable on the desk, feed speed and strength are full by mechanical part semi-automatic carry out. Cannot machine circular arc. Lathe of automatic hydraulic pressure: PLC automata was joined to combine hand of hydraulic pressure discharge to move on the foundation that lathe of automatic hydraulic pressure is bed of simple and easy on the desk car adjust can come true full automatic treatment, principle the treatment that through shaping knife and special fixture drive cutting tool to implement a part by hydraulic pressure oil cylinder. This kind of means improves efficiency. Quality is better, feed speed and strength decide relative stability by oil pressure and valve completely. Machine structure is complex debug a trouble to suit large quantities of quantities to produce. Accuse automatically to control: It is abroad advocate those who push is embedded athletic controller, the function is powerful, function stabilizes what process designing gets broad user neatly to approbate.

Regard system of numerical control of homebred a gleam of as manufacturer -- numerous on the base that operates a style to promoted numerical control to analyse compatriots, offer the solution that perfects in the light of economy lathe; What bring everybody today is Shenzhen numerous to promote the CNC4220 of development motion controls a system, it is a typical program. Desktop car bed transforms program of numerical control system of main part transform front of main shaft main shaft of chuck, clip of in order to holds work, by orgnaization of electromotor classics gearshift, send motive force to main shaft, make main shaft drives workpiece to rotate by formulary rotate speed, move in order to realize main shaft. The mechanical drive structure of main shaft is changeless. Will former hand uses the dc electric machinery of timing. Change alternating current machine to use transducer drive, or convert servo electric machinery uses speed to control fashion. With speed of servo electric machinery control means has an advantage to use 1:1transmission compares what can use servo directly to make up implement code implement save cost as main shaft coder. Servo reflects rate to make main shaft ring fast. Inside limits of rated rotate speed pitching moment is constant. This part wiring is simple also. Need the imitate of the speed that receive key to measure only. The polarity that controlling timing voltage anyway can. Tool carrier gets factor of feet of machine tool itself, x axis distance is too short. If change dynamoelectric tool carrier or by hold many position that discharge a knife insufficient. Ancestor add up to a consideration components of a variety of element tool carrier preserve the original design that discharge a knife changeless. XZ mobile axis changes former hand the hand of feed to shake dial is taken, mount secures even electric machinery through connecting an axis implement enter electric machinery with the pace can. Transmission screw can keep changeless, we choose drive part JABao56 electric machinery, 403DM driver. The function of tailstock tailstock is long workpiece of bearing of the tip after using. Still can install the Kong Jia such as broach to be versed in cutting tool undertakes Kong Jia is versed in on tailstock. Body of machine a playscript with stage directions has designed this part to keep changeless. This part carries Nextpage bed pigskin original design. If should be achieved more high accuracy can change to increase ball silk staff into linear slideway as drive disk assembly. Explain to everybody here change one's costume or dress process. Accurate component can be chosen according to effective demand when be transformed actually. Function of lathe of distribution cabinet top of a table is simple, its distribution ark is relatively simple. In the light of this small lathe above we should hold switch of platoon of terminal of filter of main shaft and XZ axis driver, power source, power source, wiring, air and input, output wiring board. Pursue as follows: The layout of the stability of electric ark equipment and electric ark, take a line, medicinal powder heat is having close relationship. Abide by strong weak report strictly at this o'clock please driver of apart high-power taking a line is ventilated medicinal powder hot principle, main line should introduce screen line, machine tool itself should receive the earth. The basic bearing that lathe bed lathe bed is lathe. Each main parts of lathe are being installed on lathe bed, exact relative position or athletic contrail maintain when making they are working. Of this part alter main workload depends on mobile axis electric machinery assemble, with the installation of mechanical drive disk assembly. It is the installation of lubricant system and protector next. This part can add corresponding fittings optionally. Machinery alters part: Graph the lead plane of 1 alters the part shakes for two hands feed dial, improve pass into electric machinery for two paces even the axis implement drive screw has drive. The objective after changing requests an audience graph 3. AB enters electric machinery CD to be axis of X, Z to connect an axis respectively for pace of axis of X, Z respectively implement CNC4220 serves as lathe of a general economy numerical control to control a system. The function is comprehensive, completely compatible numerical control of two axes standard is lathe but direct form a complete set to the standard two number of axle accuse lathe. It is hand motor-car bed transform ideal anthology. Apply to a desktop simple and easy hand moves lathe, hand the standard is two axes lathe, automatic hydraulic pressure is automatic of lathe transform, or system of lathe of vintage numerical control upgrades newer. Simple and easy hand moves the economic benefits after transforming, a drawback with hand motor-car the biggest bed is bad news manpower, the product precision that treatment comes out is poor. Efficiency is low. And hydraulic pressure is existing to debug a trouble from motor-car bed. The cook attune machine with need old experience and grind a knife. Suffer PLC memory to restrict normally its automation program can solidify a few working procedure. Working procedure became much be about to divide station opportunity cost tall, with different PLC program. One but change product, air plane and change PLC program to want time on the flower a few days (change rigid structure, manufacturer of need machine tool revises PLC program to still need the) that add cost. Hydraulic pressure lathe is by fluid system drive, normally a few knives work at the same time, each valve discharge adjusts troublesome, hydraulic pump pressure is not stable bring about feed speed not to stabilize treatment effect to differ. The hand moves standard lathe to machine intricate work to need the cook with adept experience. Employ shape knife ability is finished. 3 kinds of afore-mentioned lathe do not support interpolation, a bit complex all workpiece needs to be used shape knife, maneuverability is poor. More complex fault rate jumps over well-known mechanical equipment relatively tall. After using system of CNC4220 numerical control, OK and very good solve 3 kinds of afore-mentioned means to put big drawback to improve efficiency. Simplify rigid structure increases stability. CNC4220 support sends makings function automatically, low to holding aircraft personnel to ask, the union after writing good program sends automatically makings need not artificial but round-the-clock uninterrupted work. And a person can maintain more than 10 machines at the same time. Conflict increasingly in the condition that use worker worker today, can the difficult problem that effective settlement hires be out of practice, reduced labour cost to promote production efficiency again at the same time, the place on put together is narrated, general car upgrades transforming is one big trend, CNC4220 uses process designing of code of international standard G the operation is simple, function of lathe of completely compatible standard, it is form a complete set of manufacturer of numerical control lathe, upgrade, transformed good system. CNC4220 has general input and output to nod each 24, imitate of two groups of 0-10V measures output, two groups of paces are entered or servo controls output, as long as useful can apply to circumstance of motion and IO logic pilot. Also can be used at all sorts of special machine tools transform with in upgrading.

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