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Technology of TD cladding processing is solving armor plate of car high strenth and thick makings board punch mould surface is pulled problem and increase mould life respect performance is excellent, its apply will increasing. Technical principle and processing of craft TD cladding are processing of cladding of carbide of thermal diffusion process (Thermal Diffision Carbide Coating Process) abbreviation, english abbreviation " TD Coating " . At 20 centuries by Central Research Institute of Japanese abundant cropland because of this technology 70 time develop a success above all and patent application, be called again " Toyota Diffusion Process " , abbreviation " TD Process " , namely TD processing, our country also calls " metal of frit salt ooze " . No matter its name how, its principle is mixture of borax of workpiece park melt in, diffuse through high temperature action forms metallic carbide cladding at workpiece surface, this carbide cladding can be the carbide of the element such as vanadium, niobium, chromium, also can be its compound carbide, application is the at present widest is carbonization vanadium cladding. The graph shows the structure that organizes for TD cladding 1 times. Usually, the primary process that TD cladding handles is: Workpiece is checked - polishing - outfit condole - TD cladding is handled - quench + temper 1 ~ 3 - clear - examine - dimension is adjusted - polishing - put in storage. Main characteristic is with carbonization vanadium cladding exemple, the characteristic with TD cladding the mainest processing is: 1, cladding hardness is tall, HV can amount to 2800 ~ 3200, outclass nitrogen is changed and plating hard chromium, have outclass consequently injury of the wear-resisting of these finishing, tension, be able to bear or endure the function such as corrode. The place in the watch shows the cladding that it is TD to handle the material hardness that with its technology of a few kinds of his finishing can achieve to compare. 2, because be formed through diffusing, so cladding and matrix have metallurgy couple, the adhesion of cladding and matrix relatively the film of plating hard chromium and PVD or PCVD is gotten high like plating titanium layer much, in using, won't fall off, this are right in figuration kind the application on the mould is all in all. Cladding of TD of state of affairs of domestic and international development handles a technology a lot of countries that from 20 centuries 80 time begin to introduce world each district by Japan in succession, because the national condition of each country is different, some countries are used very successfully, also have some of national application failure. This technology already received wide application in the national capital such as Japan, United States, Korea. 70 time of domestic already began to research this technology namely, arrive to at present already tens of home units had undertaken study to this technology, publish an article hundreds, patent number, as we have learned, still have a few units at present researching this technology technically. China is actually early the technical standard that drafted this technology in 80 time metaphase, namely: Metal of ooze of salt of JB/T4218-946 borax frit, this standard at Nth="10" Day="25" IsLunarDate="False" IsROCDate="False">1994 year will be approved on October 25. Research achievement of home produces the test of practice for long without the course mostly, always exist in application such or in that way problem, come from 70 time so 90 time, although the person of research is very much, but the manufacturer that is engaged in this technology treatment without a major. The author works from the research that began this technology 1991, fumble with application through old research, begin to apply successfully to of all kinds mould from 1997, be engaged in this technology machining the company of business at beginning to establish major above all in home 2001. The enterprise outside already was hundreds home for years offerred TD cladding to handle treatment to serve, use the car, home appliance, hardware, extend the meaning that makes the trade such as canal, metallurgy successfully (drawing, pull delay) , bend, figuration of flange, roller pressing, cold Dui, strong cut into parts, kind of mould such as pulverous metallurgy and on a few component, or go up at all solve workpiece surface to help an issue, or the service life that improves work considerably, obtained extremely exceedingly good use result, also accumulated rich practice experience. It is certain that applicable material has the quantity that contain carbon (be like prep above 0.

3% ) can form TD cladding of all kinds rolled steel, hard alloy, of all kinds the steel products with the very small amount that contain carbon is passed beforehand cementite also can form TD cladding. The work with bigger to bearing the weight of, more expensive precision, recommend commonly of all kinds in steel of tall alloy mould, wait like SKD11, DC53, Cr12MoV, Cr12, Cr15 MoV, H13, hard alloy. Application and the application that popularize processing of value TD cladding basically are in two respects: It is to use its on one hand tall wear-resisting, fight felt function, from go up at all solve figuration kind the mould if drawing, bend, flange, boil to the face that presses the mould such as figuration, Die Casting helps work or stick makings problem, improve product quality, improve mould life considerably; It is to use its on the other hand tall wear-resisting function, because of,rise substantially of all kinds wear away the service life of the industry pattern that causes invalidation or workpiece, if rush,cut into parts, the mould such as cold Dui, pulverous suppress. A large number of practice had proved, TD cladding processing is the economy that solves the problem that pull an injury at present and one of effective methods, can improve the service life of the mould multiple to number decuple, have use value extremely. If the graph is shown 2 times wheel annulus encircles figuration model, use CrWMn so, undertake saline bath nitrogen changes processing, when life is controlled 1000 times, workpiece and mould pull an injury badly to get stuck dead even namely, convert after mould material Cr12MoV, after cladding of hand-in-hand travel TD is handled, go up at all solved workpiece surface to help an issue, mould life can amount to 80 thousand above commonly. In recent years as our country manufacturing industry especially the high speed of auto industry develops, because technology of TD cladding processing is solving armor plate of car high strenth and thick makings board punch mould surface helps problem and the excellent performance that improve mould life aspect, its apply will increasing. The graph shows the pattern after be being handled for cladding of TD of classics of mould of component of a few cars 3 times. Those who need a specification is, TD cladding processing is the technology of high temperature processing that in ℃ of 850 ~ Value="1050" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">1050 the condition issues one kind, inevitable meeting produces thermal stress, photograph to change in processing the change of stress and specific volume, existence workpiece is out of shape out of tolerance even the risk of craze, because this wants to had used this technology to must want have professional instructor, comprehensive consideration material, solder fills, each elements such as ply of design, heat treatment and finishing, cladding, erupt simultaneously in order to make sure TD cladding tackles quality brandish is optimal the effect, promote its product competition ability, for the mould production enterprise and terminal client bring benefit. CNC Milling CNC Machining