Fictitious production machining process is emulated

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Summary: The meaning that narrated fictitious production technology, form reach development state of affairs, analysed in fictitious the machining process that important place has in making is emulated, the construction of system that offerred machining process to emulate, evolution shows the issue of shape and existence, discussed turning to machine a process to emulate the possibility that reachs its to come true. Keyword: Fictitious make; Turning process is emulated; Physics is emulated 1, the development of introductive manufacturing industry tastes function, norms, breed to raise new requirement ceaselessly to producing, the lifecycle of the product is shorter and shorter, the development time of new product is critical factor. Fictitious production technology (VMT Virtual Manufacturing Technology) is OK imitate by products plan, make constructional whole process, undertake to design and the problem that the likelihood in production process appears analysis and forecast, put forward to improve measure, implementation product is optimized to what make whole process from development, achieve reduce product lifecycle, reduce the development venture, goal that raises economic benefits. And machining process is emulated in fictitious important place is had in making, it passes pair of machine tools, workpiece, of all sorts of treatment information in the machining complex that cutting tool forms forecast effectively with optimize, created advantage to machine the intelligence of the process actually to change implementation, at the same time it also is the important step that considers to machine a process. 2, fictitious production technology 2.

Of 1 fictitious production system form the development angle from the product to tell, fictitious making is comprehensive on the computer actually emulation product arrives from the design make, production whole process, the whole lifecycle of perforative product. Fictitious make main by the following 5 phase composition: The kinematic analysis that ● concept design phase includes a product and kinematic emulate. What ● detailed design phase points to is the emulation imitate of process of whole to the product treatment, the geometry that includes to have desired result to workpiece geometry parameter and interference is emulation process, right parameter of each physics in machining a process undertakes the process is emulated forecasting the physics with the analysis to emulate the assembly of process and product. ● machines production phase to include the design of planned dispatching of plan of plant design, production workshop design, production and exercise and various controller. ● checks level to check the real rate of emulator. ● grooms with safeguard level training to use emulator, include pair of operator groom the 2 dimension of process and product are safeguarded. Fictitious make can divide for administrative levels of the following jobs: Factory class, workshop class, attemper class, particular treatment procedure and each administrative levels such as production unit. Accordingly fictitious production technology can emulate the total production activity of existing enterprise, can decorate to the equipment of prospective enterprise, content shedding system undertakes emulation designing, each arrangement that make from production have the job, achieve shorten product lifecycle and the optimal purpose that improve design, production efficiency. 2.

The VMT of   of development state of affairs of 2 fictitious production technologies faces the production technology of 21 centuries as, from the attention that appeared to cause domestic and international learned man at the beginning. Current research basically is centered at the attempt of the academic research to this technology and the construction of various emulation environment and practice mainly. Theory studies those who include pair of VMT/VMS ideas to discuss, fictitious production system is formed, of the model in whole system form, those who build modular method and model is compositive etc. And the design that realizes fictitious factory, fictitious workshop from lab angle in practice attempt respect and factory class, workshop class of all sorts of equipment attemper the compositive processing with information, the each specific treatment process, emulation that processes unit. At the same time a few enterprises had begun VMT to work and obtained result. In home, VMT technology also gets great take seriously. The respect such as imitate of process of the method building a model of the model, production, control did much research work, introduce technology of nerve network, artificial intelligence at the same time among VMS process, the design that established fictitious factory class, workshop level and attemper system, be like Tsinghua university use at making a workshop attemper of the problem " the factory attempers emulation environment FASE " , use at making workshop design, analysis build model and copy really " IMSS of software of unifinication production system " reach " MPS of treatment process emulator " etc [8] . 3, machining process is emulated 3.

The current situation that 1 machining process emulates and the machining process that existence problem has at present are emulated, basically have two kinds of cases: One kind is from research the angle of metallic cutting sets out, emulate interior of some specific cutting process the metabolic process of each element, study its cutting mechanism, apply actually with research for production; Another kind is to will machine a process to emulate the one part that serves as a system, the key depends on tectonic and whole fictitious production system. The emulation method of these two kinds of means is identical, be opposite above all namely machine add machining complex to build successive change model, it is progressive die disperse disperse to nod with mathematical disperse method next, the case of physical element change that orders through analysing these disperse will emulate treatment process. As a result of machine add a process to emulate still be in start level, still put in the following problem at present: (The treatment form that 1) emulates is little, research range is narrow in numerous cutting treatment sort and form, current copy Allah should center Yu Xi, grind two kinds. Although be on method of these two kinds of treatment, emulate also confine is inside very narrow range. If He Duanxi of copy dishy milling cutter is more in milling knife, and this kind of emulation system is right the milling cutter of other sort (if machine figuration surface,use milling cutter) helpless however. Its reason is machining sort various, existing car, mill, dig, grind, a variety of treatment forms such as boring; Treatment theory is complex on the other hand, the different treatment model that processes form of method, cutting tool has bigger difference. In the meantime, current emulation system undertakes geometry is emulated mostly, be opposite namely knife the interference desired result of orbit, workpiece and cutting tool, have the desired result is NC that say (NC Verification) . But be in machine in adding a process, geometrical desired result is premise condition only, more important is vibration of cutting force, cutting tool and cutting tool wear away each physical quantity that waits to remove payoff in cutting process. (2) physics emulation process is position of consideration ideal cutting, with actual cutting process bigger difference is in in current emulation system beforehand set many hypothesis element, if tigidity of set machining complex satisfies a requirement, without vibration; Treatment material structure is centralized, wait for blemish without hard spot; Cutting tool is not had wear away; Cutting element does not produce change to wait. The material that this kind of assumed good position cannot create the random interference in cutting process like workpiece hard spot pledges change, vibration is caused cut the element such as profound change to consider to go in, make emulate a system cannot bona fide reflects actual cutting process. (The develops computer technology development that 3) emulates a method to limit emulation system is linked together cheek by jowl with emulation technology, the past limitation as a result of computer soft hardware, emulation time is very long. Encode workload is big, program readability, safeguard sexual difference, these bring difficulty to emulate the job. At present language of + of applied C + and object-oriented method develop emulation system to already made development trend. Above problem already caused the attention of researcher, treatment emulation system will run the machine henceforth quickly forward, face a variety of treatment form, more the way that accords with actual state develops. 3.

2 machining process emulates systematic structure to be in fictitious production process, of the machining process that the detailed design phase of the product is pair of products actually emulate, be opposite namely machine tool, workpiece, the analysis of all sorts of information in the machining complex that cutting tool forms and forecast, it includes geometry to emulate the content that emulates two respects with physics. Geometry is emulated include a sword orbit test and verify, the interference desired result of workpiece and machine tool, cutting tool; Physics is emulated the analysis that includes all sorts of pair of physics factors and forecast, basically cutting force, cutting tool wears away, surface roughness of surface of temperature of cutting vibration, cutting, workpiece. In the meantime, geometry is emulated, physics is emulated reach there is close connection between each element among them, like the knife force of orbit and interference, cutting affects quality of surface of oscillatory, workpiece, cutting tool to wear away directly etc. The structure of emulation system is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph the structure of emulation system of 1 treatment process 3.

The research target that process of 3   CNC Turning emulates and methodological turning treatment are one of treatment methods with the at present widest application, because this machines a process to CNC Turning,undertake emulation having important academic research and actual application value. The metabolic circumstance that turning treatment emulates the circle outside be like all sorts of works that can complete to turning treatment, end panel, geometry in pouring the treatment form such as horn, whorl, curve and physical element undertakes imitate and forecast, build an emulation system that faces turning treatment. Should emulate a system to should have the following function: (1) builds the perfect CNC Turning that faces numerical control lathe to emulate a system, offer reliable, optimized NC code to produce a course actually, realize the intelligent treatment of turning. At present the application of lathe of lathe of our country numerical control, economy numerical control gains ground more and more, can get before treatment a reliable, optimized NC code is very practical. Be in before, NC code often tries with trying cut way test and verify, this kind of method on one hand take time is arduous, try cut material to often be used on the other hand lumber, plastic, such although can examine,NC code is in the validity of geometrical information field, but the physical element to the key in cutting process if place knows a have no way such as quality of surface of cutting force, vibration, workpiece. And turning emulation system can solve afore-mentioned problems. Revise the certain parameter in NC code on this foundation at the same time, those who make is farther reduce cutting force, improve cutting tool durability and productivity, optimize NC code. Can affirm NC code so come down, for processing application actually, make emulation system has ego study and adjustment capacity, raise emulated flexible rate, achieve the goal that intelligence machines. (2) builds those who face effective treatment process to emulate a system, integrated consideration machines all sorts of medium interference elements actually, make bona fide of emulation process height reflects actual production process. In machining a process actually, machining complex gets of all sorts of elements restrict with the influence, each physical quantity that concerns with cutting also produces change because of the change of all sorts of cutting conditions. Accordingly for can true emulation dispatch a vehicle cuts the treatment condition in the process, turning emulation system is about mature to these real change circumstances and random interference, make emulate each physical quantity that go out true press close to is actual circumstance. Because machine tool tigidity and cutting strength effect or workpiece are prejudicial,these influencing factor basically include the cutting that waits for generation is oscillatory, work structure is skimble-scamble the random interference that has the generation such as hard spot, the cutting in cutting process wears away to wait to the influence of cutting process with quantity change and cutting tool. (Because 3) has pair of NC code to have test and verify and optimized process, emulation system can avoid to machine all sorts of appears possibly unusual appearances in the process actually greatly, in simplifying to machine a process actually, detect with diagnostic equipment, rose to machine security and economic benefits. At the same time emulation system is returned can realistically imitate turning machines a process, can enter what machine tool of travel numerical control machines to groom as soft machine tool with defend the work. CNC Milling CNC Machining