The installation of CNC Machining center, debug and check and accept

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CNC Machining center is the product of unifinication of high accuracy Electromechanical, it is compositive advanced production technology and computer control technology, it is one kind has knife library to be able to change automatically cutting tool, have the numerical control machine tool of multitask foreword treatment to workpiece. The installation of CNC Machining center and debugging is to show the according to machine tool provider requirement after the machine tool is in to the user installs yard ground, undertake be debugginged necessarily. The join of system of the coupling of the preparation that these work to basically include machine tool foundation, machine tool, numerical control and adjust, the test of electrify test-drive and machine tool precision and function. To machine tool of small-sized numerical control, this duty factor is simpler, and CNC Machining center passes as a result of bulk commonly big, machine tool manufacturer should become machine tool disintegrate a few parts when deliver goods normally, after waiting for a machine tool to apply an user to be in, be assembled afresh and debug, the job is relatively accordingly complex. 1.

The initial installation   of machining center (preliminary perch user is in 1) machine tool before the machine tool carries, the concerned machine tool that should provide beforehand according to machine tool manufacturer installs data to make the preparation of fine installation, it is good to do good foundation, obligate for instance installing hole, offer machine tool power source to wait. After the machine tool carries, according to component of check the amount of container load plan. Cable, data all ready. Next, each greater part that shows a compositive machine tool according to installation go up in foundation respectively perch. When perch, fill up iron. Adjust bolster plate and lower margin snail to select wait for corresponding also check the number to enter. (Before each component assembles machine tool of coupling of 2) machine tool, answer above all the antirust coating of slideway and face of purify installation coupling, each motion face, the basic cleanness that has made each part works. Install assembly drawing to assemble each part into next overall, if assemble ark of pillar, report, numerical control cabinet,go up in lathe bed, the outfit such as knife library, manipulator is on pillar. Former fixed position should be used to sell when assembling, fixed position piece, installation the position regains the position to the front of the machine tool disassembles. Assemble after finishing, have the cable, vitta, tie with the organ. There are electric coupling graph, hydraulic pressure and plan of pneumatic pipeline coupling in the manual, hit them according to these graphs mark, had been opposite one by one it is good to enter a coupling. Special attention wants when coupling clean, contact and sealed want reliable, want an examination to have without become loose with attaint. Special attention wants to prevent an eyewinker to enter pipeline from interface in vitta and tracheal coupling, avoid to cause trouble of system of whole hydraulic pressure. 2.

The coupling of numerical control system and system of air full numerical control are the core component of CNC Machining center, all sorts of join that answer it and its parameter give affirm and adjust. (The inspection of examination opening box of system of 1) numerical control includes a system noumenon and to it electric machinery of unit of control of electric machinery of the unit of feed speed control of form a complete set, servo, main shaft, main shaft. Check them pack whether complete nondestructive, objective and order whether conform to. (The join of 2) exterior cable is exterior the join of the dynamical line that cable join is electromotor of electric machinery of servo of face plate of operation of ark of numerical control device and exterior Mdi/crt unit, strong report, machine tool, feed, main shaft and feedback line. Ground wire should use ground contact of a bit elder sister model, namely law of radiation type ground connection, prevent to string together faze. Requirement of this kind of ground connection mixes ground connection of the signal ground connection in numerical control ark, strong report the join such as machine tool ground connection receives a place to go up to common, and between numerical control ark and strong report ark due and enough thick protective ocean ground cable. (The join of power supply cord of system of 3) numerical control should be in cut off numerical control ark the input cable of ark of numerical control of the join below the circumstance of mains switch. (All sorts of 4) set affirm the printed circuit inside numerical control system board on have a lot of short circuit set point, this set is finished by machine tool factory, the user needs to affirm and be recorded only. What the content with affirmatory set follows numerical control system is different and different, but have commonly the following 3 each respects: ① affirms control part printed circuit board the set that attend. Basically affirm advocate board, unit of ROM board, coupling, add control plate and rotate the set on transformer or inductive synchronized control plate. ② affirms speed dominates unit printed circuit board the set that attend. Unit and communication speed are controlled to control unit to have a lot of set point in dc speed, gain of the sort that is used at choosing detecting element, return and all sorts of calling the police etc. ③ affirms main shaft dominates unit printed circuit board the set that attend. No matter be on dc or unit of control of communication main shaft, all a few in order to choose the set point of limit of electric current of main shaft electric machinery and main shaft rotate speed. But the set that controls unit to go up to already replaced short circuit club with digital set in main shaft of digital type communication, can connect only at this moment when electrify ability undertakes set and affirm. (Does 5) input power source voltage, frequency and appearance sequence to admit to basically include: really? , so thirsty of graceful naphthalene of Jian of a legendary venomous insect of urinate of daughter-in-law of Fei of leg of Hu principle columns of a hall owes  of ピ of frequency of Piao of Piao  Chong to remove small car of  of Europe   which ancient name for a water catltrop agree joyous ǖ of brighting favour of narrow of Han Shan of lofty of Mi of  copy T flinchs be angry handsome! , brag Hu Lv entangled blows the  that seek ǘ paragraph  owes Gan of city of head of small car of impossible of secondary banter  paragraph  of Qi of  of road of Ze of travel ┐ of S of е  Song catchs alarm of  of Lu of lofty of Mie of  of hurry of predestined relationship entangled to shelter ν Tang is chanted melt  of sole of Chi pregnant a legendary venomous insect! ,  of  of garden of Piao of Yun of Ч of magnesian Х of take along sth to sb of Po miscellaneous deceive is  of entangled of string of ┑ of grave of  of ピ of frequency of Yu flesh Piao standing tall and upright  of badge of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of noise of know well of T of Jie of noise of Gan of Hu of joyous ㄒ  returns Cong of provide for of  of Shu of ǖ of hill of You of that a pavilion or house on a terrace to consider Yu flesh Piao, two-phase looks, determine each appearance sequence. (The voltage output of regulated power supply of 6) examination dc carries pair of land whether interior of all sorts of numerical control system have short circuit to shed unit of regulated power supply continuously, can offer for the system + 5, ± 15, + the volts d.c. such as 24V. Accordingly, before electrify, what should check these power source is laden, look to whether have right short circuit appearance, usable avometer will measure and affirm. (After 7) checks each to output source of electric crimp electrify through power source of numerical control cabinet, should check numerical control above all it is normal whether each fan runs inside ark, can decide whether power source puts through from this. Check each printed circuit board the power supply voltage that go up is normal, whether be in normal and fluctuant limits. Right + the voltage demand of 5V power source is higher, fluctuant limits asks to be in normally in ± 5% less than. (8) confirms the intent of the parameter of set set system in numerical control system, when be linked together with the machine tool when numerical control device namely, can make the machine tool has first-rate character of service. Different numerical control system, its parameter is to have different, the parameter with random and accessary machine tool expresses the main technique data that is a machine tool, should appropriate is custodial. It is maintained to breakdown of the following machine tool and the refreshment of parameter has very big effect. The {PARAM } that the product of most manufacturer can press MDI CRT unit to go up through pressing (parameter) key will show the parameter that already stocked systematic memory. (The system has the numerical control that 9) affirms the interface between numerical control system and machine tool is contemporary to diagnose a function oneself commonly, in CRT monitor can show state of numerical control system and machine tool interface and interior of numerical control system, contain the machine tool that can make up Cheng controller, return the state that can show Plc echelon pursues, contrast the echelon graph manual that manufacturer offers, can affirm whether each interface condition is normal between numerical control system and machine tool. 3.

Electrify try out is before electrify try out, want to add lubricating oil to the machine tool according to the manual, add full lube gasoline tank, in the oily juice that lubricant dot perfusion provides and grease, clean hydraulic pressure gasoline tank and filter, fill enters the hydraulic pressure oil that provides grade. In electrify while, should have done for safety prepare by what press emergency stop button, at any time dump. After electrify, observe above all have without call the police, move means to start each component in succession with the hand next, those who try each slideway it is normal to move, the movement of main shaft is normal, all sorts of safe device are effective, whether is the moving noise with departmental system waited a moment normally. When examining hydraulic pressure system, in seeing hydraulic pressure pipeline whether journey oil pressure, each connect has wait without leakage. After afore-mentioned examinations end, adjust the lathe bed level of the machine tool, the relative position of the main geometry precision of coarse adjustment machine tool, each main movement component and lead plane. After these jobs are finished, , can secure foundation bolt, with aperture of obligate of quick-hardening cement perfusion, after waiting for cement to work, can undertake next test-drive works. Basically be to affirm a machine tool further next the moving circumstance of each component, the moving instruction that the examination gives out and machine tool run a condition actually whether conform to, if not agree with, should check the set of vitta parameter. The auxiliary plant that still should inspect a machine tool is usable, for instance the floodlight of the machine tool suffers deny can illume, cooling shield and all sorts of fender are complete, cooling fluid whether can normal ejective wait. Finally, should undertake returning the test of datum mark, the position that sees answer datum mark every time agrees whether completely. 4.

After trying installation of center of moving   CNC Machining to end, the demand is overall one paragraph undertakes below the condition that takes certain load longer move automatically, more comprehensive ground checks machine tool function and working dependability. Can use successive 2~3 day to run 8h or the method of successive moving 32h everyday. Try what when machine tool factory can be being used to debug directly when moving, use to check engine order, also can weave by oneself a program. CNC Milling CNC Machining