PLC and transducer apply mediumly in numerical control lathe

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The article basically introduces Plc and transducer to use a case in pilot of drive of main shaft of numerical control lathe. The technical level discretion of machine tool of 1 foreword numerical control reachs his to machine machine tool crop and the percent that always have an amount in metallic cutting, it is one of important signs that measure industry of a nation to make integral standard. Numerical control lathe is one of main breed of numerical control machine tool, it has very important place in numerical control machine tool, will a few years be taken seriously generally of world each country all the time, got rapid development. Among them a main shaft motion is numerical control lathe serious content, the dynamic that its motivation occupies whole platform lathe about 70% ~ 80% , machine efficiency to rising, enlarge machines material limits greatly, promotion machines quality to having very main effect. Main control is main shaft, invert and stop, can shift gear automatically and stepless speed regulation. Using transducer and Plc to have effective control to main shaft is the important segment in process of technical reformation of lathe of current numerical control. The article basically introduces Plc and transducer to use a case in pilot of drive of main shaft of numerical control lathe. 2 craft ask numerical control lathe machines hodometer face, whorl to wait commonly. Asking its movement is general is X, Z is entered to speed, labour, retreat quickly. In machining a process, can undertake automatic, hand is moved, the changeover such as the circle outside the car and car whorl; And can undertake weak condition is operated. Graph fast function machines line of constant of application of lathe of numerical control of plan of treatment of workpiece of lathe of 1 numerical control, if the graph is shown 1 times,machine working procedure, move is as follows: (1) presses starting button, place of cutting ① date, electric machinery is turning, rotate speed 2400r/min, main shaft is turning. (2) cutting ② , electric machinery is turning, rotate speed 1500r/min, main shaft is turning. (Bore of ③ of 3) working procedure, electric machinery is turning, rotate speed 2700r/min, main shaft is turning. (Tap of ④ of 4) working procedure, electric machinery is turning, rotate speed 600r/min, main shaft is turning. (⑤ of 5) working procedure exits tap, electric machinery inverts, rotate speed 1200r/min, main shaft inverts. (6) is pressed stop pushbutton, electric machinery stops, main shaft stops turn. 3 control ask (1) controls alternating current mechanic to make with Plc and transducer, alternating current machine drives main shaft of numerical control lathe to run, circumstance of change of rotate speed of work of alternating current engine is shown 2 times like the graph, should run continuously. Graph speed of programme controll of implementation of main shaft of lathe of 2 numerical control pursues (electric machinery of 2) main shaft also can choose constant speed of either class speed to rotate alone. (Electric machinery of 3) main shaft also can undertake, turn over a dot to use control, benefit at overhaul or be being adjusted, electric machinery rotate speed chooses 600r/min. (4) transducer frequency installs estimation formula F=np/60. F installs frequency for transducer, n is electric machinery rotate speed, p is extremely logarithm (set P=1) . Nextpage4 Plc type selecting is inputted with I/o allocation basis and the amount of output signal, type and control ask, consider at the same time safeguard, transform and a lot of element such as economy, choose Fx2n-64mr Plc and Fr-a540 transducer. The I/o address of Plc allocates and circuit wiring is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph 5 transducer choose hookup of Plc of control of 3 lathe main shaft and parameter set is in this system, choose transducer of series of 3 water chestnut, transducer uses outside terminal control, the discretion of electric machinery rotate speed sets parameter through transducer. Of electric machinery running the Str that periphery passes transducer, Stf and control of Plc program implementation reversely. (1) basic parameter: Pr.

7=2(acceleration) , pr.

8=2(decelerate spends) ; Pr.

The rated electric current of 9= set electromotor; (2) operates mode: Pr.

79=3; (3) set parameter of each paragraphs of speed; Pr.

4=40hz (1 paragraph) , Pr.

5=35hz(2 paragraph) , Pr.

6=45hz (3 paragraph) , Pr.

24=10hz(4 paragraph) , Pr.

25=20hz(5 paragraph) . The design that echelon of 6 Plc control pursues asks according to craft and control a demand, the design gives Plc echelon to if the graph is shown 4 times,pursue. Graph 7 last words of graph of echelon of Plc of pilot of 4 main shaft the main shaft electric machinery to numerical control lathe, used Plc and transducer control, have the following and distinct advantage: Can come true soft start and stepless speed regulation, undertake decelerate is controlled expediently adding, it is electromotor is obtained high-powered, substantially managing electric energy, reduce substantially uphold charge; Can realize efficient cut and taller treatment precision; Implementation low speed and high speed circumstance leave driving pitching moment output. CNC Milling CNC Machining