What is reseau computation

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As the ceaseless development of super computer, it has become the dictate of domain of complex and scientific computation. But the inadequacy with the computational mode apparent existence that is a center with super computer, and enduring a challenge at present. Although super computer is capability of a processing is powerful " gigantic without bully " , but its cost is extremely high, have the department of level of a few states only normally, wait for a branch like spaceflight, atmosphere ability is capable to configure such equipment. And the commercial calculation that encounters as people routine is more and more complex, people needs the computer with data processing more powerful ability more and more, and the working domain that the price of super computer prevented it to enter Everyman apparently. Then, people begins to seek a kind of cost cheap and data processing ability exceeds strong computational pattern, final scientists found the solution -- , Grid Computing (reseau is calculated) . <script Language=Javascript1.

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Cn/biztech/tech-trend;sz=1x1;ord=23151751? "> computation of </script> Cript>&nbspcript> reseau is to accompany as Internet rapid development to rise, be aimed at complex and scientific calculative technically new-style computation mode. Mode of this kind of computation is to use Internet organize in the computer of different situation dispersedly " fictitious super computer " , among them each participate in calculative computer is " node " , and whole computation is by by tens of thousands " node " of composition " a piece of reseau " , so means of this kind of computation calls reseau computation. Such organizations rise " fictitious super computer " have two advantages, one is data processing ability exceeds strong; Another is to be able to make full use of the unused processing capability on the net. Actually, reseau computation is distributed computation (Distributed Computing) a kind, if we say some job is distributed, so, the scarcely that shares this work is a computer only, however network of a computer, apparent this kind " ant moves hill " means will have very strong data processing capacity. This year in year, NTTData plan and Intel and SGI combination have a by a definite date the reseau computation of 3 months experiments, at the appointed time will 1 million computers that include family, enterprise and academic orgnaization connect, the fastest super computer that its always handle ability general to have than showing is even fast fivefold. Make full use of the unused processing capability on the net is reseau calculative has an advantage, reseau computation mode above all want calculative data to be broken up a certain number of " flake " , and computation these " flake " software is a screen that has woven beforehand normally protect a program, differ next the computer of node can handle ability to download segment of one or more data and this screen to protect a program according to his. Then " the show began " , as long as, when the user of the computer of node does not use the computer, screen protects a program to be able to work, the unused computation ability of this such computers was brought into play to rise by sufficient ground. This kind " ant moves hill " the reseau computation of the computational type of type, look be like common, but had had however reach its excellent performance. 1999, SETI@HOME project is reseau calculative a successful example. This project is at the beginning of 1999 begin to will distributing to comprise computer array at 2 million personal computer of world each district, in be being used at searching signal of radio astronomy binoculars outside astral civilization evidence. This project group says, in the time that does not arrive two years, method of this kind of calculation had finished only station computer the computational quantity 345000. Visible, this kind " ant moves hill " the capability of distributed calculative processing of type is very powerful, alleged " father-in-law not demit earth, reason can become his big " . Reseau computation is needed branch of level of state of large and scientific calculative not only, be like the attention of branch of spaceflight, atmosphere, at present very much big company also begins to chase after hold mode of this kind of computation in both hands, began to have relevant " movement " . "Blue giant " IBM is building the name is " Grid Computing " plan, aim to pass Internet, provide super processing capability to each personal computer. Berger of Europe article · says the IBM company vice president, total stylist that also is this plan, "Grid Computing " the new measure that is natural resources of a kind of integrated computer, it passes Internet rise in the personal computer join of each district dispersedly, can make every personal computer is passed not only make full use of mutual an unused computer energy resources, will promote respective computer to handle ability, still can make by tens of thousands the user shares computer to handle function, file and application software on large-scale network. Technology of network of no less than always changes company business affairs to the domain from scientific development domain same, we also hope to see ' Grid Computing ' can gain such headway. SUN of another industry giant also rolls out new software to promote network calculative development. In November 2001, sun rolled out edition of enterprise of Sun Grid Engine 5.

The β edition of 3 edition software, continue to promote its network technology computational standard. Since this software is rolled out before New Year oneself, sun Grid Engine 5.


The user of 3 edition software had grown 20 times. Today, the whole world has many 118000 CPU use government of software of Sun Grid Engine. Besides, one batch also expands gradually around company of reseau calculative software and become the new business chance that is paid close attention to for person place, be like: Entropia, Avaki, Noemix, Data Synapse is waited a moment. Industry expert is forecasted, reseau computation will become the heat that network market grew 2002. According to " ForbesASAP " forecast, reseau technology will reach a peak 2005, bring the new life of Internet. If reseau technology can make the market grow continuously by 17% years of expectant increase rate, will form an annual produce 2020 so the big industry of 20 trillion dollar. CNC Milling CNC Machining