Always grand PLC provides the application in product line in wind

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One, foreword the large-scale application as central air conditioning, use at warming the demand of the pipeline that open also soars. Alleged wind is in charge of, use at the pipeline system that air is carried and distributings namely, wide application is exhibited at supermarket, bazaar, meeting, the commercial community place such as the theater. Wind pipe product line is by on work or material rest, attune is the equal opportunity that control muscle, strong pointed mouth and hydraulic pressure of strong square opening cut composition of place of machine of hem of plane shear of horny chance, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure. 2, systematic introduction is as follows to the requirement of craft: Of equipment switching on the mobile phone is total a powerful person of open oil pump and oil pump orderly, send again makings, pass pilot of servo electric machinery next steel roller mix is even control muscle, hydraulic pressure cuts horny engine square model to undertake shears corner, machine of hydraulic pressure hem undertakes hem, hydraulic pressure plane shear cuts shaping wind canal below. Its action demand is: Total a powerful person of oil pump of the oil pump → that start opens → liberal model to decide origin → servo to start → of → poodle edge to hit → of small square hole to fold curved → to cut. 3, hardware system: 3.

1 system comprises: This system by grind China 610L labour accuses machine, go up what software uses an aircrew form is Kunlun on-state, always FBs-24MCT of grand PLC lead plane one, the number measures patulous module FBs-8EY one, driver of An Chuan servo and servo electric machinery. Following plan institute show: Nextpage3.

2 always grand PLC fixed position controls an overview: Always the PLC of grand FBs series is conformity of control of NC fixed position inside the SoC chip of FBs-PLC, make PLC+NC control closes for an organic whole, share resource and the data between two systems exchanges dispense with. Stand-alone is the biggest 4 axes output, highest frequency 200KHz (MC) or 920 KHz (MN) , can make much axis fill point-blank track with trends. 4, systematic software design: 4.

1 technology difficulty: Every wind canal should fold a turn 3 times, make liberal model 2 times, make small square model 3 times, cut 1, share nine movement, and when every movement is carried out, servo wants to stop, after the movement is finished, servo wants to be started automatically, servo every time the distance of place drive is different, the measure that should provide according to installing wind will decide the space that every pace place takes and the action after stopping, according to computation, making small square model and the motion that break a turn is definite pattern across, the means of the pipe across with different measurement has different, when making smaller pipe for instance, 3 small square models had been hit, the movement that fold a turn also is done not have. Some pipe were to make two square models, the turn is folded below, make a small square model again, fold a turn twice again. 4.

2 designs train of thought: A complete wind is in charge of make it want mechanical action 9 times, servo is corresponding open automatically stop 8 times, what what move a distance to want the pipe that the basis installs every time is wide and differ high and differ. But the amount of mechanical movement is fixed, we are OK the total space that place of cipher out servo takes, divide it 8 paragraphs, through computation, the distance that makes small square model begins to have 3 from origin, those who pass a setting is different, can pass formulary cipher out 3 distances, correspondence of these 3 distances makes the motion of small square model namely. Adopt this kind of method, find out the length of correspondence of this nine movement, decide their corresponding action again. 4.

3 go up a machine picture design: Go up the controlled software to use Kunlun on-state firm configuration software design of a machine, pursue as follows: 5, the project moves: The condition that runs from the system can see, wind is in charge of the manufacturing precision of product line and stability to rise apparently. Its are the biggest working rate is 10 meters / cent. Length error is ± 0.

5mm. Can produce 0.

The wind of ′ of the " " of 25M above, " " and " form is in charge of, the amount is OK and aleatoric set. Opening the circumstance of makings automatically to fall, open the complementary makings of aleatoric length, when the amount of place set production is over, wind canal machine stops automatically. 6, last word: This system was used always the function of fixed position pilot of grand PLC, make the client reduced new product to develop cost, truncate development cycle. Systematic stability moves, reduced the labor intensity of field work personnel already, improved manufacturing efficiency again, have taller practical with promotion value. CNC Milling CNC Machining