PRO/E in large steel structure three-dimensional design applies mediumly

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The article sets out from design requirement, introduced PRO/E software to be in the applied circumstance of domain of large steel structure, the parameter that elaborated PRO/E software top-down changes a technology, listed large steel structure is three-dimensional design technological process, and characteristic of product of structure of basis large section, summed up the frame that is core with framework to devise the plan, hypostatic regulation that build a model and the main technique plan that give a picture, last focal point analysed systematic market mode of work of didymous and three-dimensional design and the positive effect that cover makings design management. One, structure of foreword large section is Wu Chang dockyard civilian tasted main component, basically include large bridge product and whole set of equipment to wait. At present fierce prosperous dockyard is in manufacturing industry of domestic large steel structure rises abruptly quickly, scan widely opens the market of develop ceaselessly, want to strive for very competitive preponderance, promote own innovation ability to become a key. In view of this, introduced the software of PRO/E three-dimensional design of PTC company, mode of the design inside the domain and administrative concept are made innovate in traditional and large steel structure with driving a mill ceaselessly. By 2005, fierce prosperous dockyard is opposite in succession with PRO/E software branch of a river of north of Pearl River yellow Bu is inclined pull bridge of the boat austral bay of the bridge, Hangzhou, Peng Shui bear the product of large steel structure such as ship side and Dong Daqiao of Hangzhou city river undertook three-dimensional design, came true to work to three-dimensional design by 2 dimension steadily the change of mode, on the base that gains initial effect in PRO/E three-dimensional design compositive data management software, cover the systematic software such as makings software, built an enterprise to create information management platform, enhanced the organization of whole to products plan process, management and control strength thereby. 2, the couple that three-dimensional design software passes the main characteristic PRO/E of three-dimensional design to produce a design with traditional and large steel structure uses large steel structure, formation large steel structure is three-dimensional 2 dimension design compares design and tradition had very great leap, amass put oneself in another's position face of the following now tripartite: (1) designs the development of train of thought. The three-dimensional design that is based on PRO/E software adopts the design train of thought of top-down, namely first the integral frame model of structural frame product, again ordinal the detailed design that has single element and part. Because frame model is medium mutiple level the main fixed position that the framework that distributing included whole product and referenced information, the whole that because train of thought of this kind of design promoted a product,is in charge of pair of products holds ability. (The promotion of 2) technology content. Design technology is changed to fall in PRO/E parameter, because all dots, line, face reachs the feature such as entity,all pass alterable dimension parameter and tie to control, the information of fundamental picture face that construction pursues is generated automatically by three-dimensional model, and three-dimensional model reachs the change aux will be able to of the dimension that heads with framework and tie related fast drive the associated sex change that 2 dimension project pursues, because this and technology of 2 dimension CAD leave relatively inattentive graph area,information combination photograph is compared, the close sex of the design, precision and change answer ability to increase apparently. (3) visible effect and process accuse those who make strength to increase. Three-dimensional design turns into the imagination of three dimensional space that designs personnel major intuitionistic three-dimensional number model, make design more objective of product of press close to; And the three-dimensional itself that build a model is the digitlization imitate that be made to the product and rigs a process, the potential craft in can making the product builds link and technical issue get discover ahead of schedule and be settlemented in design link. 3, the parameter of large steel structure of top-down changes three-dimensional design technological process to change design guiding ideology to fall in the parameter of PRO/E software top-down, three-dimensional design can divide large steel structure roughly on flow construction of the design preparation that the graph shows 1 times, model and chart generate 3 political integrity to pat. Graph three-dimensional parameter changes 1 large steel structure design mainstream Cheng 3.

The three-dimensional design of 1 large steel structure prepares to be in the large steel structure that is technical platform with PRO/E software is three-dimensional in designing a process, design preparation section can press design of design plan, plan and frame design 3 stature link are ordinal undertake. 3.


The three-dimensional design plan of 1 large steel structure is in after receiving products plan job formally, it is those who make sure follow-up design link is correct and orderly to undertake, need undertakes inclusive the following the design plan of 4 main content: (1) careful pursues, should be made clear above all and remove the place of potential careless omission in designing institute blue print and variable factor in time, the fixed position that is aimed at vertical section of steel structure horizontal stroke again is standard reach board thick distributinging rule undertakes the key is analysed, sign careful graph opinion next, make design blue print to have three-dimensional design requirement. (2) craft fractionation, namely product director should combine the craft inside the factory to produce a condition, farther clear steel structure is divided / section type, divide to each / of section transverse and fore-and-aft into andante unit fractionation is reached optimize. (3) formulate gives plan plan, person of detailed blueprint catalog, relevant responsibility should be included to reach in the plan hand in graph period. (4) general part plans, basically divide each to be in / the general component between section undertakes classified statistic. 3.


The plan of three-dimensional frame model designs product of 2 steel structure to fall in PRO/E software platform, because the three-dimensional frame model of steel structure product is a top-down essentially,by assembly parts and framework two kinds of files are passed certain arrangement of ideas and a series of fictitious assemble a relation to assemble constructional model to cultivate, because this is corresponding,frame design program basically should include to assemble a tree to structural design, framework is designed and assemble a relation to design 3 parts. The first: Product frame model establishs structural design. In product of large steel structure assemble tree structure to design link, advocate assemble a structure to be divided for product → normally / section → is unit 3 assemble class, framework part of one's job fastens layout to assemble package to fall at this 3 class; The specific technology that combines a product at the same time reachs the characteristic such as manufacturing organization, advocate assemble a structure to be able to be made adjust appropriately. The 2nd: Framework of product frame model is designed. After assembling tree structure design to finish, the thinking that should reach connection and top-down according to the layout of framework above all assembles the successive program between class framework clearly each, make sure framework has sufficient control capacity to whole product model, undertake building the overall planning of modular plan in the light of typical framework next, part to undertake detailed design to each plan building a model of specific framework finally. The 3rd: Tree of product frame model assembles relation design. To ensure structure of product frame model is compact, answer to undertake constructional concerning designing according to the following regulation: (1) is assembled by default, coordinate is right neat assemble, assembling (show 3 pairs assemble a face to all be opposite neat) and assemble instead (show two pairs assemble a face to match, face to assembling neat) order is ordinal choose assemble a type; (2) assembles a feature preferential and referenced framework; (3) basis component (fall in horn of inclined shaft side-glance) the principle with visible side of the structure when showing independently decides with superior the positive and negative that assembles system assembles a relation. 3.


After the plan design of model of frame of product of design of three-dimensional frame model finishs product of 3 steel structure, can undertake the three-dimensional design of frame model, relatively whole frame design is normally ordinal can divide for the following two main flow: (1) framework product top class assemble, ordinal include to found product general assembly the body, vertical, transverse total framework that found and edits a product, found and assemble a product each minutes / section assembly parts; (2) is divided to each / section undertakes frame is designed, ordinal include to be being divided / be founded below section and edit cent / section framework, found and assemble each horizontal fore-and-aft unit and in each unit next founding and edit corresponding framework. To complex product, below the premise that assures to control strength effectively to the product, but bisect / frame design task undertakes running paralell designing dividing the work under section, design cycle in order to shorten and conduce to design personnel entering design part smoothly. 3.

Product of 2 large steel structure is three-dimensional and tangible model construction foundation is large feature of part of steel structure product is simple and assemble the characteristic with structural complex concern, cent / three-dimensional substance establishs section the model should follow the following regulation: (1) default assembles and framework consults preferential: Be opposite namely new the component that found uses default to assemble as far as possible, assemble difficulty in order to reduce; The hypostatic feature design of the spare parts and assemble consult as far as possible framework, in order to assure the framework effective control to model top-down. The three-dimensional model of some bridge (of feature of substance of 2) spare parts generate give priority to with drawing, mend by replacing a damaged part is complementary: Namely to rectangle board or profile, create entity according to drawing of cross section feature normally; And to abnormity board, press outline of basic external form first normally drawing of edge board thick direction becomes entity, local mend by replacing a damaged part gets repass abnormity substance feature. In above the regulation that build a model falls, cent / the three-dimensional substance of section builds a model to be able to undertake by the following flow: (1) is founded and assemble a relation to assemble the unit that appears first with default; (2) finishs what each sheet component issues component to found assemble reach a feature to build a model; (3) introduces and assemble repeat repetition unit with general part; (4) finishs cent / of section loose mail found, assemble reach a feature to build a model; (5) fills in cent / section is three-dimensional the material of the model the craft information such as qualitative, norms and craft course; (6) undertakes to three-dimensional model integrality and validity examination and model are perfected; 3.

The chart of three-dimensional design builds 3 large steel structure according to large steel structure by unit of spare parts → → is divided / the production mode of section, design personnel needs ordinal offer next makings, outfit to make up construction to pursue. 3.


The flow giving a picture of 1 perfect part drawing issues makings construction graph to basically cover makings software to be generated through covering makings design by what develop independently at present, PRO/E software basically departs through the spare parts to cover makings software to offer the spare parts plan that contains craft information and label, spare parts depart basically includes 3 technological process: (Aftertreatment of 1) spare parts: Install solder craft to ask by the product, add to spare parts brim put the craft information such as surplus, compensation, get next makings outline of the spare parts; (2) makes view of spare parts plane; (3) perfects part drawing: In the spare parts groove, crucial dimension increases to wait for label information on 2 dimension ichnography. 3.


The flow giving a picture that the 2 construction that make pursue and main technique program make construction graph all use formulary form at present, the following row with single element the flow giving a picture of graph book: (1) founds graph book file and add each sheet element three-dimensional model regards an object as correlation; (2) makes each single element view; (3) perfects information of face of single element graph, include to found ball mark, picture auxiliary line, piece sketch map, tag dimension, symbol and insert annotate to wait. After graph of single element of before one page is finished, follow-up single element gives a picture but according to (2) → (3) measure is ordinal undertake. Cent / the characteristic giving a picture that section makes a plan basically depends on associated object be cent / section is three-dimensional model, have the page inside watch of special form a complete set, and three-dimensional model and face of graph an album of paintings or calligraphy show a pair of many concerns. Using PRO/E to give single element and cent / in process of section assembly graph, offer the following solution in the light of common technology issue: (The definition of 1) sophisticated perspective and section plane: Pass tool of heavy directional view and view management through parting below the three-dimensional environment that build a model implement in implementation, when perspective direction and section are vertical, can cooperate to use in same view; (2) view assists information generate: Express ball mark according to BOM below plot environment above all, the fast and automatic correlation of each component in realizing view marks, pass line careless draw next or slant the auxiliary line information that buy view border obtains view, solved those who assist dimension to tag a problem, solved the label problem of the symbol such as welding line through building standard symbol warehouse moreover; (Of 3) sketch map generate: Because sketch map contains craft information normally, cost cannot be reflected very much greatly even in academic and three-dimensional model, offer two kinds of solutions for this: The first, three-dimensional model correlation makes a way, build corresponding and three-dimensional model according to the feature of sketch map first namely, go to three-dimensional model correlation next in plot, make corresponding view; The 2nd, pursue yuan of scale law, pass the function such as line careless draw to get sketch map to pursue below plot environment namely yuan of information. 4, in the combinative application process that three-dimensional design is in the large steel structure that compositive environment leaves the system to produce a design with traditional and large steel structure, PRO/E regards a design as software, basically offer more advanced design platform and the information carrier with arise better, and the sufficient body of three-dimensional design value returns hang on now the framework of system of whole design management. In view of this, adopted run PRO/E software and data software first compositive, run center for information with data management software next, realize three-dimensional design information effective to covering the systematic software such as makings software pilot is overall and compositive plan. Adopt a system compositive, three-dimensional design is organizing large steel structure especially working mode and covered makings management field to produce positive effect. 4.

The improvement of mode of job of three-dimensional design organization is in 1 large steel structure below the environment of only PRO/E software, the three-dimensional design of product of large steel structure basically uses the working pattern that the file shares. Build frame model general assembly in sharing project project folder namely body, each minutes / section and general part child folder, each group member is in next share folder aspirant travel is divided accordingly / the three-dimensional design of section. And in the system compositive environment falls, three-dimensional design basically takes the group the pattern that this machine establishs model and tie of photograph of fixed put in storage. Go to the frame model put in storage of the product first namely database, software of repass data management will be divided / deal out of section design task designs staff, design personnel visits a database through identity test and verify, find corresponding design job and extract corresponding frame model to arrive this machine, can undertake in this machine three-dimensional build a model, wait for build a model to certain level to will design data to remand again database, realize data to update. The mode of three-dimensional design work with this kind of compositive system more conduce to raise a group efficiency of three-dimensional design whole and strength of data government control. 4.

2 large steel structure cover makings management pattern improve before the system is compositive, PRO/E software is main to cover makings software to offer perfect part drawing, the management that covers makings design basically passes experience control; And coming true after the system is compositive, the action that the three-dimensional design information that produces by PRO/E software regards information as carrier was covering makings design link to get sufficient play. Through managing the data processing of software, cover makings task found, the edition that covers detailed account of makings spare parts and the record that cover makings spare parts to install solder whereaboutldirection all can be in the product undertakes on the model tree of three-dimensional model, and the filtration of the spare parts in covering makings task also but strict according to the product the material of the definition in three-dimensional model pledges, board thick wait for craft parameter to undertake, realized three-dimensional design information to expect to covering the accurate management of the design is controlled thereby. 5, epilogue adopts PRO/E software and large steel structure the combinative application of three-dimensional design, the manufacturing design of traditional and large steel structure is designing the Dou Youming on the respect such as content of train of thought, technology and constituent job mode to show promotion. As ceaseless development of application, the technical potential of PRO/E software and compositive advantage will get be dug ceaselessly and be showinged, three-dimensional design technological process will get be optimizinged further, the technical content of three-dimensional design will get rising further, the use value of three-dimensional design information will get ceaseless promotion, the seed profit pitch that design of traditional and large steel structure makes, intensive degree and economic benefits also will get rising apparently. Meanwhile, design administrator should be paid attention to enhance chime of software application ability, own innovation ability, organization management to move working capacity ceaselessly, with developing large steel structure adequately the group of three-dimensional design runs paralell synergic advantage. CNC Milling CNC Machining