the treatment of stainless steel efficiency improves 50%

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When having dig mill to stainless steel material, the eclectic practice between milling efficiency and serve time is influence socioeconomic critical factor. Have company of a mixture equipment examining in process of its cutting treatment, found the method of the milling efficiency that can improve qualitative stainless steel of horniness and pliable but strong significantly. Graph 1 it is character in material 1.

Of 4462 forging cricoid bag raw material on use profile modeling milling cutter to shovel milling to give quadrate hopper to mix. Next, orthogonal face milling cutter transfers to side travel milling is mixing Duan Jin and in domain of mineral separation technology, the Loedige-Gruppe that is located in Paderborn is the biggest supplier on the world. The cutting to each component must have economy, in the exploration that improves to the technology, the company pays attention to the milling at chemical to be able to bear or endure drug and high temperature resistant stainless steel bag particularly. In this kind of exercise, need reachs very large cutting amount in cutty time, but also should realize longer cutting tool service life at the same time. Accordingly, the HSS milling cutter that uses before and but dislocation milling cutter but by life the cutting tool with longer, more reliable function is replaced. Use the test of Ingersoll milling cutter in the light of the first phase, the choice was used 1 common.

The steel bag with 4462 qualitative material, the centrifugal axis place that bag of this kind of steel is 250mm to grow 10m, diameter needs. Can carry on for 10 steel bag in all according to corresponding mixture formative mixes a shovel. Two special formative are cricoid steel bag undertakes from two side countershaft sealed. In bag of two kinds of steel, beard mill is the same as norms square brace into what be aimed at mixture bucket. Use a diameter to cover type to establish milling cutter for the HSS of 50mm all the time up to now, but the result that achieves in place of field of quality of cutting efficiency, surface and service life is not big. What choose contain 5 to adjust milling cutter of orthogonal face of the 2J1C that horn is 50mm for the dislocation razor blade of 90o, diameter Ingersoll can be achieved 84.

The cutting ability of 24m3/min, make an appointment with than competitor tower above 6% . This kind accomplishs main end the cutting speed at 53m/min, 0.

The success of deepness of cutting of the feed quantity that 1mm/ ages, 10mm and 50mm cutting width is applied. Pass feed 3 times, steel bag is in go against accept Shi Xi up. Graph the look of orthogonal face milling cutter that the dislocation razor blade of milling cutter of 2 profile modeling has wonderful hear resistance and competitor is compared, its service life is longer, ingersoll right angle is used below approximate and same cutting condition when face milling cutter machines 3 components, its are main handling time shortens 50% , from this, the additional capacity of equipment increases 6h. With respect to plan of treatment of Loedige company future, the most important is to cover type to establish milling cutter to be opposite when Shi Xi of temperature be able to bear or endure high get ability. Pass favorable cutting point of view and sharp razor blade, the feed that can achieve 10mm when processing stainless steel is measured. A measure after regarding as, undertook detecting to milling cutter of the two 5W7K profile modeling that cover type. The milling cutter that uses a diameter to be 66mm above all undertakes drawing out to steel bag empty. The first knife adopts standard contrail feed, give exterior with following data and synchronous means mill next: Cutting speed 120m/min, cutting deepness 2mm, cutting width 50mm, every tine boosts a volume 0.

5mm. In experimenting for the first time, steel bag is accepted 15 times wet feed, next reassume does type milling 10 times. Meantime is in longer knife tumour and slight free face can arise to wear away after moving, because this answers all steel bag in the future,undertake wet treatment. Use a diameter to be the 80mm, profile modeling milling cutter that contains 6 significant bit next. Below same cutting numerical value, this kind of milling cutter undertakes to the plane of steel bag upper part 16.

The dry type milling of 7min, compare with photograph of disc cutting tool, the service life of this kind of milling cutter rises apparently. CNC Milling CNC Machining