The cross makes the treatment of entry

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Alternate aperture treatment is the difficult problem that mill getting machines all the time, appear as a result of what make entry make broach very incidental when machining the 2nd aperture the appearance that bend or makes a knife. Part of a kind of new product is my factory the diamonds of 20mm of × of 25mm of one 25mm × , the flank that grows 25mm × 20mm in the edge has via of two 12mm crossed across. The structure is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph the treatment of 1 general aperture we can take an examination of Lv getting or mill, treatment rises convenient and quick. But the treatment that the difficulty here depends on aperture of 20 words across, especially the 2nd aperture. In already one via premise falls, rework the 2nd aperture, need cutting tool has very good tigidity to locate, can make the 2nd aperture probably deflective otherwise, more serious may make cutting tool breaks off; is additional, line of two aperture center should maintain in same plane, still have verticality demand, getting general clip is held on milling machine very inaccessible. Pass the discussion of plan a few rounds, machine finally on lathe certainly, workpiece rotates and cutting tool is not moved, assured the tigidity of cutting tool so, designed special tool, from this, better land solved afore-mentioned problems. Via discussing, decide finally to be machined on C616 lathe, if pursue,design tool 2, 3 are shown. 1.

Pressing plate screws bolt 2.

Peg 3.

Pressing plate 4.

Workpiece 5.

Fixed position dish 6.

Tool body 7.

Connection bolt 8.

Impaction bolt pursues this tool relies on 2 tool assembly drawing pressing plate 3 with impaction bolt 8 impaction workpiece, in order to locate dish of two side fixed position of 5, 3 claw are used when treatment from body of tool of centering chuck clamp 6, put work fixed position dish the 5 square aperture among, screw two impaction bolt 1 and 8 can. Want to notice when machining the first aperture, after cancelling a work with iron wire, work should hold when holding clip work again face of 25mm of two 25mm × cannot crossing-over, because workpiece locates the face is face of 25mm of × of the first 25mm, the alternate aperture that if move a scale,can differ and appears twice to machine is different the phenomenon of the face. Graph are 3 tool three-dimensional does the graph sum up: ? This? of horsefly of ぜ  this duckweed but the changeover that passes thinking, difficult problem of alternate aperture treatment You Zuanxi turns into to the car is machined and be solved. It is from this in machine treatment, we should change thinking, consider a variety of treatment way, settle the optimal program of the problem certainly thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining