The application of science and technology of Shi Bide frequency conversion in numerical control machine tool

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Usually of the machine tool procrastinate using a system is come by gear case of transmission and timing. It has the following characteristic: 1.

Constant power quality because when gear case gearshift, the change of the change of torsion and rotate speed becomes inverse ratio. If not plan the loss of gear case, it is inside full power limits, have the characteristic of constant power. 2. The overload ability when low speed is in by force low speed paragraph, procrastinate move systematic classics gear to fall fast the rated torsion after will be far the torsion of the largest block of outclass load, have extremely strong overload capacity. Application applies the primary consideration that implements timing system than heart transducer: 1, because range of frequency modulation of Shi Bide transducer is very wide, can be in 0, the implementation is bit more aleatoric stepless speed regulation between 400Hz. 2, use frequency control, can satisfy numerical control machine tool (boring machine) what ask have harder physical characteristic. 3, use frequency control, can satisfy numerical control machine tool (boring machine) the strong overload ability when needs low speed. 4, use frequency control, the original and sophisticated machine such as gear-box of leave out gear procrastinates move, automation rate is high, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient. Use example: Miller of some machine tool should produce Guangdong Fosan of all kinds machine tool, the rate of electromagnetism clutch attaint that uses as a result of timing is higher, understanding has above advantage to system of Shi Bide frequency control, reason converts Shi Bide transducer realizes frequency control. Particular case is as follows: 1. The system forms: 2. Procrastinate formerly use systematic survey 1) box of timing of rotate speed class has 8 archives rotate speed: 75, 120, 200, 300, 800, 1200, 2000r/min. 2) the nominal capacity of main and rated parameter of electromotor: 3.

7kw rated rotate speed: 1440r/min load performance: Constant power 3) the dispenses that 8 positions that control means sets by handle will come to control 4 clutch closes, receive 8 kinds of combination of gear, gain 8 archives rotate speed thereby. 3. The plan of frequency control of use Shi Bide 1) rotate speed class and control means can use handle to combine the ideal rotate speed that transducer face plate is controlled or potentiometer adjustment gains place to need. 2) use range of timing of mainer than heart transducer parameter: 0 -- - 400HZ increases slowdown time: 0.

1 -- - 1800S overload ability: 150%4. The result falls in all each archives rotate speed, experiment via relapsing, accord with design requirement completely, obtained satisfactory result. Show this product already batch production, put in the market. CNC Milling CNC Machining