Of punch workshop fall project of a confusion of voices

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The noise pollution on punch product line is browbeating badly those who operate personnel is healthy, as automation level rise ceaselessly, those who produce rhythm is ceaseless accelerate, this kind of pollution is more acuteness also, to solve this one problem, this Guangzhou cropland made indefatigable effort. Noise is the factor with the mainest health of profession of worker of harm of car punch workshop. If press existing punch condition, especially the ceaseless application as automation technology, the manufacturing rhythm of punch product line is faster and faster, the noise of generation is more and more concentrated also. The average noise of post of operation of general punch workshop is in 90dB (A) above, partial section achieves 100dB even (A) above. Accordingly, the angle that builds green plant from protective employee audition and compose sets out, punch workshop must undertake noise controls a project. Punch line falls the noise control method of the workshop of punch of car of main train of thought of project of a confusion of voices is more, basically have commonly the following 3 kinds: 1, the manufacturing device that uses low noise, the key solves the problem of noise source. As the development of compressor technology, use servo compressor replaces traditional and mechanical compressor, can be the noise control of punch under 75dB, achieve very ideal result. 2, undertake adjustment to station management and workpiece treatment craft. The kind that carries round of hillock reduces operation personnel to get the time that noise affects; The noise that same part uses treatment of 5 working procedure to want to machine generation than 4 working procedure is little. 3, the transmission way of isolation noise, reduce the reverberation time of the workshop. Because workshop reverberation time is long, sound attenuation is slower, the noise that consequently acoustical source passes to each to suffer sound to nod through reflection is more also, the transmission approach that must use special medium to cut off noise so operates the harm of personnel health with reducing noise to be opposite. Because have strong line ball to cannot have been on equipment and craft,undertake large-scale alters, accordingly, in equipment, craft and surroundings already affirmatory circumstance falls, the transmission way of isolation noise is to develop line ball to fall the main measure of a confusion of voices and main train of thought. Normally the circumstance falls, undertake noise control has sound insulation of sound insulation and sound absorption, sound absorption common 3 kinds of methods. Sound absorption is to use loose, porous material to change partial sound energy into heat energy to try to absorb, if exceed fine glass cotton, cliff cotton to wait; Sound insulation is to use pledge secret data isolates sound at a certain space, if the armor plate of certain ply is very good sound insulator; Better to come true noise is controlled, often adopt " suck lie between common " method, make sound insulator and sound absorption material for a special purpose sound-absorbing board, the surface is sound insulating layer, lumen fill sound absorption material undertakes sound absorption is handled, such complex structure enhances whole effectively fall effect of a confusion of voices. Of radical plan make can see from inside above analysis, make special sound-absorbing board undertake to large punch line whole sealing is handled, can rise to fall very well action of a confusion of voices, but the following respects need to try to notice: □ falls after project of a confusion of voices is carried out, the production that cannot reduce entire line is safe. The noise inside limits of 1m of □ compressor periphery is reduced to 85dB (A) the following, reach a nation the regulation of relevant law. □ falls after project of a confusion of voices is carried out, do not reduce the manufacturing efficiency of entire line. □ falls after project of a confusion of voices is carried out, what cannot raise a pattern is automatic change time. The graph shows the outward appearance that handles for product line whole sealing 1 times to pursue, can see from inside the graph in product line all round add outfit is sound-absorbing board the made vacuum that makes close relatively, be in sound insulation wall in personnel of the operation when all fronts automation is produced outside, in order to achieve the goal of isolation noise. Graph all round the exterior compressor that whole sealing of 1 product line handles the height of sound insulation wall agrees with height of compressor beam underside normally, to product line front the sound insulation wall of portion of the engine that tear open a battlements should be reduced a little according to actual condition a few; What because the operation screen of compressor and former compressor workbench leave,go out is slippery rise the door to close was in inside sound insulation wall, accordingly for the operation convenient, open on sound insulation wall slip litre of door, the consideration that stems from cost to the place that other need enters uses a hand to use outward swinging door; To can observe condition of product line interior conveniently, proper on sound insulation wall place installs the viewport that makes by double deck glass. Because fall,project of a confusion of voices is pair of original product line transform, inevitable meeting is right the safety of entire line (S) , management (M) , operation (D) wait for a respect to bring certain influence. When making plan accordingly, must calculate the effect that produces possibly, adopt be on guard measure (see a table) . Fall of project of a confusion of voices carry out 1, workshop reverberation time and the affirmatory reverberation time that noise of each noise source is worth are to show indoor sound reachs steady state, sound of the remains after acoustical source stops to phonate reflexes classics cliff face to absorb in the move back and forth inside the room, the of 1/1000000 time that average sound energy density drops to be worth for original number (or the time that place of 60dB of attenuation of sound energy density needs) . Reverberation time is longer, show sound is reflexed for many times inside the workshop, energy attenuation rate is slow, the workshop noise with the shorter than reverberation time workshop that below the condition of same sound source reverberation time grows wants big. Graph 2 it is the character of reverberation time frequency that the workshop measures. The reverberation time that can see a workshop from inside the graph is longer. What be worth to noise source noise is accurate determining is to fall the main basis of project of a confusion of voices. When measuring workshop noise, need to check a place certainly above all, choose compressor commonly all round the dot of 1m limits, test site is highly 1.

5m, the graph shows the result that has sound measurement of a confusion of voices to check a place to 18 3 times. Can see clearly, determine the 85dB standard that is worth outclass state regulation, must undertake a confusion of voices is handled falling. Measuring while each bits of noise is worth, still should record the frequency general that checks bit of noise each, master the characteristic of noise in order to facilitate, to choose to fall what kind ofly material of a confusion of voices provides a basis. Graph 4 with the graph the 5 frequency general that are some noise source respectively, the noise that can see the graph is shown 4 times is in each frequency paragraph the value is basic and same, the specification is in fall the need when a confusion of voices considers each frequency paragraph circumstance; The noise value that the graph shows 5 times is in low frequency level is higher, in high frequency phase inferior, the specification is in fall low frequency basically has when a confusion of voices paragraph processing. 2, sound-absorbing the option plan of material is shown 6 times form a structure basically for sound insulation board, can see from inside the graph, sound insulation board shares 5 parts to comprise, noise is entered through wearing the alveolus of orifice plate sound-absorbing cotton, the vibration that passes vitreous cotton silk partly changes energy into heat energy be used up, another part is isolated by outer armor plate, achieve suck lie between common goal. (1) what ply is 2mm is outer armor plate, sound insulation is mixed since the action that prop up, and be sound-absorbing board outside face. (2) sound-absorbing board intermediate place is sound-absorbing material, material is vitreous cotton goods character, use at drawing sound energy, it is to fall the main component of material of a confusion of voices. (3) beaverboard is stickup be in sound-absorbing of cotton outside, in order to prevent sound-absorbing cotton straining. (4) appear phonic film to be stuck in sound-absorbing the two side of cotton, case moistureproof and prevent sound-absorbing the action that falls off in the mesh that cotton silk wears orifice plate from lining. (5) perforation board is the board that heads mesh, perforative rate makes an appointment with 35 % ~ 40 % , bore diameter 2 ~ 3mm, noise can be entered through these alveolus sound-absorbing cotton is in-house, at the same time this board still rises have the effect that prop up. Choosing sound-absorbing when material, affirm sound-absorbing of cotton sound-absorbing ability is crucial. The graph is shown 7 times for sound-absorbing of material sound-absorbing ability curve. What can see ply 100mm from inside the graph is sound-absorbing what cotton compares ply 50mm is sound-absorbing of cotton sound-absorbing capability is high, also can see at the same time sound-absorbing cotton is right high frequency paragraph noise is sound-absorbing the effect is better, to low frequency paragraph noise is sound-absorbing the effect is poorer. With sound-absorbing the material of cotton ply 100mm is exemple, it is when noise frequency when 250Hz, sound-absorbing ability has been achieved make an appointment with 35dB, as the addition of frequency, sound-absorbing ability increases gradually. Acoustics research makes clear as a result, sound insulator quality increases 1 times, sound insulation effect can increase 6dB. Because this is worth to achieve the noise of need effectively, must the ply of logical choice deadening. Basically include two fields, it is outer on one hand the ply of armor plate, especially the room with low frequency bigger noise, outer armor plate needs to add thick, because sound-absorbing cotton is right of low frequency noise sound-absorbing the effect is far poor at the absorption to high frequency noise; It is sound-absorbing on the other hand the choice of cotton ply, common ground the size of noise, 50 ~ 100mm is value of commonly used limits of a ply, be in this second fall as a result of noise the value exceeds a level in project of a confusion of voices more, fall to assure effect of a confusion of voices, affirmatory and sound-absorbing cotton ply is 100mm. 3, sound-absorbing board because sealed processing is whole of product line close processing is will many small sound-absorbing board joining together becomes to close body, fall to assure accordingly effect of a confusion of voices, when the design is made need has been controlled individually sound-absorbing board the clearance between, it is 1 ~ 2mm commonly. Fall in order to affect to do not let noise come out through these aperture as far as possible the effect of a confusion of voices, use fluid sealant to have crack normally sealed. 4, the quantity of heat that ventilated processing produces as a result of equipment itself movement, together with is sound-absorbing the thermal insulation that material glass cotton has is characteristic, product line interior often is compared in the temperature after closing exterior tall 5 ℃ of 3 ~ . In carry out fall when project of a confusion of voices, in sound insulation wall normally the top installs air exhauster, smoke close the hot air inside the space, make interior forms negative pressure, outside air can flow into interior via sound insulation wall. Lest affect,fall in the fan that low noise chooses when choosing air exhauster the effect of a confusion of voices. 5, after because close,according to manage of in the open the project is carried out, make equipment interior and exterior workshop illume completely cut off, because this closes,the need inside body adds lighting system. Safeguard the illume of need to assure production and later period equipment, design intensity of illumination achieves 500 lumen above. Close the lighting system inside body undertakes alone wiring, independent switch, assure to go to the lavatory use and do not affect original power supply system. Additional, to prevent a workshop unexpected power failure, in close add inside body installed lash-up lighting system in order to assure the safety of equipment and personnel. 6, a lot of blind area arise inevitably after whole sealing of product line of product line monitoring system, although be in,close the viewport with have certain stays on the wall, but can inspect limits to had been reduced greatly, for example, in full automatic change a pattern (ADC) in the process, blind area is on handle side, the shift of compressor workbench is put in the safe hidden trouble with very big move. So, add monitoring system of outfit product line can the manufacturing situation of inside and outside of product line of real time monitoring, the unusual situation that discovers interior in time happens, assure equipment and the security that handle personnel. The last word falls through be being carried out to punch line project of a confusion of voices, detect via the 3rd professional noise of the orgnaization detect, the noise value that product line nods each all achieves 85dB (A) the following, satisfied a design completely to ask and reach national level. In this respect, this Guangzhou cropland tries hard to explore, bold use homebred data, foster supplier of domestic this locality hard, no matter command a respect or be in in cost,fall respect of effect of a confusion of voices gained very good benefit. CNC Milling CNC Machining