Item and breakdown account prepare before electrify of CNC machining center

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Machining center closes above all before electrify of CNC machining center exterior mains switch, join power source of electric equipment cabinet next advocate switch, electrify of power source of final CNC face plate (the order when cutting off the power is contrary) . Each position that machining center should affirm above all before electrify of CNC machining center did not set other thing. Door of electric equipment cupboard and systematic box rear cover want to shut. Machining center operates pushbutton movement freely each, capacity of lubricant station oil should ensure enough. Stop switch urgently to be in loose condition and the job is regular. Working atmospheric pressure should be controlled in 5-7kg/cm2 (0.


7Mpa) . Ensure around component of machining center motion without the person, shield wants installation to reach the designated position. By the switch circuit below, of power source of CNC machining center receive a condition to have 3: (Pushbutton of 1) source ON closes. (Pushbutton of OFF of 2) power source closes. (3) is exterior call the police contact is opened. CNC machining center has two lights on unit power source, one is power source indicator light, the; that is green is power source calls the police the lamp, it is gules, the power source that says here is unit, include power source to input unit and part of electric source control. When power source of CNC machining center cannot put through, if power source indicator light (green) not bright. The insurance F1 of power source unit, F2 already fusing. Because input tall voltage to cause,this is, or yuan of parts of an apparatus of itself of power source unit already damaged. CNC machining center inputs electric depress. Check the voltage that enters power source unit please, the feasible value of voltage is AC200V+10% , 50HZ ± 1HZ. Power source unit is undesirable, there is yuan of damage inside. Power source indicator light is bright, call the police the lamp also disappears, but power source cannot put through. Because power source puts through,be at this moment (the condition of ON) is not contented. CNC Milling CNC Machining