Change speed to manufacture efficiency in order to rise

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Efficient treatment -- with least time cutting spare parts -- the target that is the workshop that hopes to improve productivity. A lot of manufacturer choose to use the method that light cutting and feed rate reduce stage by stage, the speed of the biggest feed with the machine tool or be close to this speed to run machine tool. Technology of this kind of high speed has appeal quite, because the machine tool uses up his can rapid movement. But, the method that this kind of politic meeting causes a lot of small effect is cloggy reduce handling time this one target. Although such doing,mean because cross big metal to cutting is led and bring about cutting tool to rupture,won't appear, but this kind of processing technique not can efficient cutting. Achieve time of the shortest cutting and feed rate to have nothing to do, achieve the immediate result that highest cutting leads however. Will undertake cutting according to the even big deepness that recommends normally than strategy of most high speed often efficiency is taller, but the circumstance that danger depends on cutting tool may encountering overload. This may bring about the power that rupture or needs to exceed machine tool horse power. The key that realizes efficient treatment depends on metabolic feed rate be being led in order to achieve possible highest cutting, at the same time protective cutting tool does not rupture or overload. Software is optimized use software only (it adjusts in the light of any situations that encounter the cutting speed of numerical control program) just may realize efficient treatment. Vericut is a such treatment systems that are based on knowledge, it by be located in Irvine of American California city the GC Tech company of city is offerred. Emulate a program through, this software masters every time the accurate deepness of cutting, width and angle. And, it knows to be in every cutting paragraph inside cutting how many material, and cutting tool and the exact figure that data phase engages. Of the program optimize module to be called OptiPath, it reads access to accuse file of cutting tool method to differentiate motion into a lot of lesser paragraph. When necessary, according to every paragraphs inside by the quantity of cutting material, software assigns optimal feed rate in the light of the situation of every kinds of cutting that encounters. Next it makes a new cutting tool way, new way and former way are same but feed rate is improved somewhat. In cutting the area of a few material, optipath increases feed rate. Should have more stuff by cutting when, it can reduce feed rate. This can prevent to cutting tool ruptures and prevent a machine tool to exceed its horse power. Below probable condition, keep similar tall feed rate, but reduce photograph of this kind of circumstance to compare slightly when be passed every time with feed rate, software provides bigger cutting efficiency and what need time fewer. Do not change way of cutting cutting tool, newer information is applied in method of new cutting tool. Graph milling cutter of chamfer of round head of these two 1 6mm is used at the mould with identical cutting. The milling cutter of round head chamfer of right optimizes software to control by numerical control, it shows less wear away. The half of beautiful time of place of more identical than accusing program place pilot by criterion numeral cutting tool returns the time of its cutting spare parts to pursue less 2 when should wanting a few cutting material, software is optimized make feed rate increases; And when cutting tool encounters more material, make feed rate is decelerated to decide cutting every paragraphs of optimal feed rate inside, a few feed rate that book treatment condition and set mix basis of operator of OptiPath union consideration a few otherer element, for example machine tool function (include type of horsepower, main shaft, rapid floating rate and refrigerant) , secure the stiffness of device and clamping apparatus, and type of cutting cutting tool (number of material, design, tine and length) . The program returns a few elements related the characteristic of consideration and cutting tool method, for example rate of rate of cutting deepness, width and angle, cutting, feed and cutting tool wear away etc. This is an automatic solution, it determines optimal feed rate before the program is gone to by to load on the machine tool. Software still uses numerical control programmer and machinist people the optimal feed rate that expert knowledge will come to decide specific cutting condition falls. Software V.


Response type treatment feels cutting condition from adaptive control technology and rate of feed of real time adjustment, it is a kind of when replace software to optimize feasible replacement scheme it seems that, but should consider a few issues. The a bitth it is installation and maintenance expenditure. Machine tool of every CNC computerized numerical control must deploy itself from adaptive control technology, this meeting makes every machine tool costs thousands of dollar. Then, every equipment must be installed alone and configure. Active control technology can use different control technology to have different job on different machine tool, although they are,produce by same home manufacturer. Once control a technology actively to prepare regular job, to any Electromechanical systems, carry out even subsequently adjust, dependability and defend a program. Active control technology is response type. The feedback that this means its basis to receive electric machinery of own axis drive will adjust feed rate, so that make,the load on main shaft main transfer machinery keeps constant. This kind is optimized agree with a few can bear the adamant cutting tool type of burden, for example planar milling cutter or knife of large Duan Xi. But, to different cutting condition, main shaft load is optimized always cannot be to offer optimal feed rate. For example, diagonal walks along knife cutting to always do not increase main shaft load significantly. Cutting tool should be advanced to become more difficult in material, but when making main shaft rotates to did not become likewise difficult, they increase the load on axial electric machinery. Increase to make main shaft becomes when load when the degree that rotates hard, rupture be about to happen. When using milling cutter of high-tech hard alloy to undertake machining, active control system still can create a few problems. These cutting tool are fallen to undertake cutting in condition of the optimal ply that cut bits by the design, they are very free ground cutting and do not need very great horse power to achieve tall cutting rate. But the case that is put in the ply that cut bits to become too big, will bring about edge to damage prematurely in those days. Finally, it causes the early failure of cutting tool. So, in this exemple, main shaft load is not the appropriate basis that sets rate of the biggest feed, because although feed rate is very high, the load that increases on main shaft also is negligible. When when when controlling rate of technical adjustment feed actively, be too late. The bottom line is active control technology when load of main shaft be been in by limitation books threshold value more than, undertake modulatory. This technology does not know the actual cutting condition during treatment, so it cannot decide well and truly every time the ideal feed rate of cutting. Software is optimized and not do one's best is begged achieve constant main shaft load, maintain constant cutting tool load however. When diagonal takes a knife, the cutting tool load that keeps constant produces safer feed rate. And, when use high-tech milling cutter undertakes machining, the cutting tool load that keeps constant prolonged cutting tool service life. The software method that optimizes feed rate is managing cost, because a few software license can is all types and machine tools of a lot of CNC computerized numerical control that use all sorts of control means are offerred optimize a function. CNC Milling CNC Machining