The numerical control of common lathe influences the choice that transforms analysis and numerical control unit

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Summary: Current the arrival as times of new knowledge economy, the development of change with each passing day of field of science and technology, the traditional and common lathe is existing processing technique in the enterprise gets used to the demand of modern manufacturing industry very hard already. The article changes the characteristic of transformed content and numerical control device to undertake discussing in the light of common lathe numerical control. Keyword: Common lathe; Numerical control is changed transform; Numerical control device one, common lathe numerical control turns the typical product that transforms lathe of analytic numerical control to regard Electromechanical as unifinication, it is mechanical make dosage the biggest in manufacturing industry, enclothe the machine tool of a kind of numerical control with the widest range, basically use at processing all sorts of rods kind, dish kind wait for swing tower spare parts. Its can be solved well contemporary the complex form circumgyrate in making kind the treatment problem of the spare parts, can stabilize treatment quality, improve labor productivity. But its price is costlier, one-time investment is large, often make an enterprise unable to do what one wants very much to do. Our country regards a machine tool as big country, the way that numerical control changes is long, undertaking counting accusing to change transforming to common lathe is fast and a managing capital, efficient way. The numerical control of common lathe is changed transform have specific aim greatly strong, managing raw material and capital and enlarge limits of machine tool application to wait for an advantage, accordingly, take the best plan of transformed road can yet be regarded as. (One) it is it is certain to show rigid structure becomes certain to common lathe place that feasibility   common lathe transforms numerical control lathe transform, add numerical control unit, make common lathe has CNC Machining capacity thereby. From raise capital efficiency to set out, transform unused equipment, the original function that can develop lathe and after transforming add a function newly, increase the use value of the machine tool; Numerical control transforms expense low, reduced investment, economy is good. Numerical control transforms charge to be the 15 % that buy fare of lathe of a numerical control newly only. 25 % , purchase new lathe photograph to compare together, can save 75 % ~ commonly the charge of 85 % ; Enhanced a function, if circular arc treatment, taper is machined, conventional treatment method realizes this hard; Date of delivery is short, can satisfy production to be badly in need of. (2) numerical control of machine tool of market benefit   changes transformed market to there still is very large development space in our country, numerical control of our country machine tool is changed now do not lead 3 % . The product that with common lathe treatment comes out is put generally in quality difference, breed little, class low, cost is high, offer goods period to grow. The society has many common lathe, transform this kind of lathe amount to accuses lathe, can receive good economic benefits. Still have the exercitation plant of a lot of schools, if transform common lathe,amount to charges a machine tool, reducing cost while, went to the lavatory again education and groomed each link. 2, the numerical control that common lathe numerical control turns transformed content lathe changes transform main content to include the following: It is the technology is updated or the technology innovates. To increase function or class, or to use new technology, new technology, in original basis the technology with aspirant more extensive travel is updated or the technology innovates, relatively what increase level and class substantially is newer transform; It is to restore lathe secondly 18 precision, undertake diagnose and resumptive to the breakdown part of existence; It is face-lifting thirdly. To raise precision, efficiency and automation rate, undertake face-lifting to mechanical, electric part, assemble treatment afresh to mechanical part, restore former precision, the CNC system that not contented to its production asks undertakes updating with newest CNC; Its 4 it is NC is changed, on common lathe addend shows plant, or addend controls a system, transform NC machine tool, CNC machine tool. Specific content includes: The affirmatory, undertakes transforming design and automatic circumgyrate tool carrier to machine tool slideway type selecting of overall design program and installation. 3, the choice of numerical control device was analysed transformed feasibility and after transforming content certainly, should undertake having the choice of the unit of numerical control system of specific aim. The type of system of the numerical control on the market is at present more, the function of oneself of numerical control machine tool that should transform to drafting above all before the choice has a sufficient knowledge, but according to the price the principle with advanced, convenient service chooses reasonable, technology numerical control system. Below the case that permits in economic capacity, choose famous brand product as far as possible. This class number controls a system, the spare parts chooses standard of strict, workmanship reliable, to what appear because of electric equipment component breakdown or shift to an earlier date the equipment trouble that invalidation causes, have wonderful precautionary effect. And the functional choice that also should pay attention to numerical control system. Do not answer the high-powered index of system of pure pursuit numerical control, this higher to coming true performance/price ratio is very important. The numerical control machine tool that the function that place of numerical control system has should transform with preparation can achieve functional photograph to match, reduce superfluous numerical control function as far as possible. Because function of numerical control system is superfluous, waste fund on one hand; On the other hand, likely still conceal because numerical control system is complex the addition of degree and the hidden danger that brought fault rate raises. Numerical control system basically has 3 kinds of kinds: System of system of open loop numerical control, numerical control of half closed circuit and system of closed circuit numerical control. Answer to undertake choosing according to particular case when transform, use system of open loop numerical control and system of numerical control of half closed circuit normally in transforming a process actually. (One) the pace takes electromotor drive, did not detect the system of open loop numerical control of feedback the main feature of this system is control circuit commutation instruction pulse signal, electromotor is rotational horn of a step pitch. The feed command signal that numerical control system outputs dominates drive circuit through annular alloter, it controls coordinate displacement to measure with a number of commutation pulse, control displacement rate in order to alternate the frequency of pulse comes, control displacement direction in order to alternate the allocation of pulse comes orderly. Accordingly, this the biggest characteristic that controls fashion is control convenient, structure is simple, low-cost. But mechanical transmission error is corrective without course feedback, displacement precision is not tall. Inchoate numerical control is transformed all use this to control fashion, the numerical control unit that place of means of this kinds of control distributes is much also by sheet piece machine or odd trigger composition, make the value of whole control system inferior. (2) electric machinery of servo of the dc that hand in / procrastinates move, detecting element of system of half closed circuit installs the system of numerical control of half closed circuit that coder feedbacks to carry a department in servo electromotor or guide screw, indirect measurement carries out the position of the component. It can compensate the error of component of part of interior of systematic annulus road only, accordingly, its precision is lower than the precision of closed circuit system, but its structure and debug relatively closed circuit system is simple. In mix angular displacement detecting element and speed detecting element make it of servo electric machinery need not consider the position to detect when a whole the installation problem of device. The requirement of the power that electric machinery of all sorts of precision that the lathe after be being transformed according to numerical control should achieve, drive basically is when selecting numerical control system and user. 4, conclusion course is discussed, we think the numerical control of common lathe is changed transforming is the way with an efficient economy that enterprise and industry of implementation of relevant and professional school and education numerical control change. Construction of system of open loop numerical control is used when transforming simple, low-cost, but defect is displacement precision not tall; Relative to character, those who use system of numerical control of half closed circuit to want to control a system than open loop on precision is tall; And price of closed-loop control system is higher. Relevant personnel can undertake choosing according to oneself circumstance. CNC Milling CNC Machining