Integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter to let shorten treatment of high temperature material is periodic

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To aircraft component, 80% what its mental allowance may achieve weight, also mean treatment periodic and longer. Accordingly, handling time is one of assess parameter that pay close attention to mainly. Learned recently, the time that to shorten rough machining takes up, shanteweike makes through optimizing an operation high temperature alloy and titanium data exist mill to become quicker. The surplus that leave uses hard alloy to establish milling cutter to undertake machining. Its ask to basically include high security of amount of quality of good cutting tool life, shorter handling time, fast face. Want to achieve these requirements, can go knife, small through circular arc wide cut, speed of much tine, tall cutting and cut greatly will greatly come true. Can use corner piece mill, narrow the means such as groovy cycloid mill. And the means that airframe uses Bao Bi to be able to use contrail of crisscross cutting tool of the structure undertakes machining, be in above all namely thin wall a side is small cut deep treatment one knife, be in greatly with be being cut normally again next two side crisscross machines Bao Bi. Integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter to need to be being taken flexible use on the rigid machine tool of the operating system. Knife handle clip holds use high accuracy to beat in order to reduce. Cooling fluid must be used to cutting is controlled and restrict cutting temperature in order to improve when machining titanium and super alloy, if use maximum pressure inside cold, performance will be better. CNC Milling CNC Machining