Processing technique studies deep aperture of flying second laser

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The article uses focusing field lens and the method that receive material synchronism to move, study the dimensional pattern of focal around pulse with form of 2 dimension ichnography. Through changing Xiaokong the diameter is mixed energy of alveolus around odd pulse, can observe the change of configuration of space of beam of light. The result shows: Pulse energy size affects nick line wide size only; When diameter of alveolus of model of contractible attack by surprise, delay of hasten of change of diameter of space of focal around beam of light, even stays position also subsequently deflection. Flying second laser begins to apply small accept to machine a domain only then at 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time. Have duration as a result of flying second laser short the character that reachs density of tall pulse power, make a lot of distinct advantages have when its and corporeal interaction: Certain ablation threshold value, regular treatment brim, layer upon layer small treatment and can machine any material to wait. Consider to make clear as a result recently: Imperceptible treatment is in flying second laser the many domains such as small optics, microelectronics, small machine, microbial, small medicine have potential applied value. Different course, disparate test has diverse particular demand, this adopts corresponding process instrumentation to achieve specific treatment goal with respect to need, convict deep Kong Jia of this flying second laser is versed in the treatment craft such as the technology begins those who cause increasing investigator to take seriously. Laser plastics technology is to point to to be inside laser antrum or optical component is used to change configuration of beam of light to realize plastics of beam of light outside antrum. Plastics of pulse of flying second laser has not at conventional plastics concept, basically be in reservation original height is worth power character foundation to go up, fetching in smooth road enlarge bundle implement, the optical parts of an apparatus such as filter and diffractive pattern plate, reach beam of light of gauss of contractible focusing dimension, purify all round fluorescent composition, reduce pulse deformation and the purpose such as a variety of appearance treatment. Commonly used is dimensional filter wave and technology of control of model of attack by surprise. Dimensional filter wave is the screen effectiveness with fluorescent to brim of beam of light implementation, implementation collects the improvement of bit of optical quality, control of model of attack by surprise is the modulation that will realize pair of pulse through appearance of model of attack by surprise, in order to achieve affirmatory treatment goal. The article uses focusing field lens and the method that receive material synchronism to move, can be in the dimensional configuration of focal around pulse easily material surface expresses with form of 2 dimension ichnography. Alveolus cover pattern plate is added before focusing field lens, adopt the change of alveolus diameter and energy of alveolus around pulse, but intuitionistic observe the change of configuration of space of beam of light. Finally, the experiment chooses appropriate parameter, successful score gives grating of the transmission with smooth brim metal. What 1 experiment device and methodological test equipment use is Clark company flying second workbench of laser beam machining (UMW-2110i, clark-MXR Inc.

) . Specific parameter is laser: Central wavelengh 775nm, wide 148 Fs of arteries and veins, repeat frequency 1kHz, 1mJ of energy of the biggest odd pulse, attenuation is added on smooth road piece can adjust pulse energy, 5mm of diameter of the facula before focusing; Diameter of alveolus of model of attack by surprise is adjustable limits is 0.

5 ~ 10mm; Receive material to be in for splash law plating dissolve quartz base piece the golden film that go up (ply is 300nm) about. After alveolus of model of attack by surprise of classics of flying second laser by 5 × microscopical field lens (effective focal length is surface of film of gold of 40 Mm) focusing. Use field lens and the method that receive platform synchronism to move, the dimensional configuration focal around pulse is shown in golden film surface with form of 2 dimension ichnography come; Treatment uses microscope of transmission type optics and SEM to undertake analytic a test as a result. Experimental device is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph field lens of sketch map of 1 experiment device is borne the weight of by platform do axial (Z axis) mobile, material is borne the weight of by X-Y axis, axis of synchronous moving Z and X axis can the focus the length that material threshold value reachs inside around axial limits is recorded on golden film come down, focal position is from material material interior moves over the surface, answer relatively with this, it is in image by right arrive left. The result can undertake an analysis quite with Rayleigh length photograph. 2 tests result is analysed normally, if know laser center wavelengh, the stays radius ω that focal length F of lens and incident light are in in the surface before lens, can get Rayleigh length ZR, the expression of Rayleigh length is: In type: ω of π of 0f/ of ω 0= λ , be in stays radius for the focus. What use as a result of the experiment is field lens, from effective job the space rolls out true stays radius harder, the ω in the experiment 0 used blade law to measure a focus to be in stays radius to be worth for 11.

5 μ M, 5 × are so microscopical length of field lens Rayleigh is about 0.

54mm. And near the focus ω of radius of the beam of light inside axial limits (Z) change is the function that with Rayleigh length and focal place stays radius concerns, if the graph is shown 2 times, its expression is: Graph radius of stays of 2 beam of light (ω (Z)) follows experiment of sketch map of transmission direction change to pursue through the change around the focus 1 in pinhole diameter size, smooth axis direction can realize the metabolic circumstance of ablation area near observation focus, use respectively before maintaining pinhole, mix two kinds of case with changeless energy of the pulse after pinhole, in golden film surface record the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus nods the beam of light around to transmit configuration. Graph 3 resemble for the micrograph below two kinds of afore-mentioned case. Among them, traversal speed all is Z axis and X axis 0.

3mm/s, odd pulse energy is respectively in alveolus around 91.

7 μ J, z axis and X axis journey all are 600 μ M, in the graph by go up to next pinhole diameters ordinal for ∞ , 4mm, 3mm, 2 Mm. From the graph 3(a) can see, do not add pinhole (starting a hole) when, ablation area distributings basically around the focus for semmetry, and when deviate focus position, ablation line is broad mushroom, into spin awl model distributing. Join as alveolus, connect smooth dimension decrescent, measure of ablation area linear is reduced gradually, focusing nods wide difference of the position and line of both wings ablation to decrease apparently, have even be far from lenticular evidence (the circumstance) that sees pinhole diameter is 2mm. The energy after change pulse energy and assuring alveolus is consistent, ablation phenomenon does not have bright silicon difference (3(b)) seeing a picture, just ablation line is broad increase somewhat. Afore-mentioned phenomenal through type (1) and (the explanation with OK and very good 2) : After joining alveolus, as a result of the limitation of bore diameter, make illuminate is reduced to ω of radius of lenticular surface stays, the stays radius ω that creates focal office 0 increase somewhat, rayleigh length ZR greatens, be in consequently type (in 2) , near the focus stays radius ω (when Z) does not add alveolus along with the metabolic comparing of Z abate, macroscopical went up to get a picture 3 in gentlier treatment result. Graph plan of concern of nick of 3 beam of light and pinhole diameter change pursues 4 with the graph 5 gave out respectively when starting a hole and alveolus diameter are 4mm, 3mm, 2mm respectively, different pulse energy falls (measure before alveolus) near the focus the change of ablation configuration, journey of axis of Z, X still is 600 μ M. As alveolus diameter reduce, the pulse energy after passing through alveolus will under material ablation threshold value. Accordingly, there is 4 ablations mark only in graph 5(a) and graph 5(b) , 3 ablation line exists only in graph 5(c) even. From the graph 4 with the graph 5 in can see, odd pulse can when Chinese alligator is inferior, no matter be starting a hole or dot of the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus of certain pinhole action appearance of the pulse around is nonexistent spin awl apparently model distributing, but add pinhole back focus change of radius of the beam of light around is a lot of slower still, relatively benefit at doing the research of deep treatment and cut respect further; As pinhole diameter reduce, the extent that can realize ablation is in reduce apparently (be less than Rayleigh length) , this basically is pinhole restricted major energy to arrive at material surface; When alveolus diameter is 4mm, the influence that pulse transmits appearance to get laser energy is relatively minor; With the graph 3 similar, experiment another phenomenon is as pinhole aperture reduce, the radius of the smallest stays of focusing area is in to stand by lenticular direction to move, the metabolic relation that the surface before this can use focusing stays radius and focusing toe-int waist and lens is apart from comes very good explanation. Graph nick of the beam of light when 4 starting a hole changes along with pulse energy concern plan pursues nick of 5 beam of light changes along with pulse energy concern plan uses afore-mentioned experimental results, the experiment uses starting a hole and pinhole diameter to be 90 μ J) for energy of 4mm(odd pulse two kinds of circumstances are opposite respectively golden film and stainless steel board undertake stiletto is machined, if gotten picture pursues 6 ~ are shown 10 times. Pursue surface of 6 gold film adds pinhole (D=4mm) when the figure of circular chart record in exterior score is in when starting a hole of surface of 7 gold film the circular chart case of exterior score pursues when surface of 8 stainless steel adds pinhole, deep aperture score pursues starting a hole of surface of 9 stainless steel: Use after adding alveolus, make laser stays radius or laser trace change slow near the focus the result ablation border that characteristic treatment gives is more clear, without crack. Graph 10 those who give out is the brim in score of Copper Foil surface relatively smooth two grating stripe. Laser of second of Yu Fei of benefit of this one technology undertakes tall depth compares parts of an apparatus of deep Kong Wei to process application, work of farther application research is undertaking in. 3 last words the article from flying second craft of laser beam machining considers to set out, analysed pattern of pinhole attack by surprise the influence that processing technique is in space of flying second laser to transmit character to focusing dot. When alveolus is being added before discovering focusing field lens, stays changes near laser nick or focus hasten delay; Pulse energy size affects nick line wide size only. This research got second laser deep aperture is machined flying optimize parameter, use this method to be able to come true to have the score of parts of an apparatus of transmission metal grating in Copper Foil surface. CNC Milling CNC Machining