The light of a bundle of reform

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Pu Ruima industry, what headquarters cares about big profit is clever, it is one of the most advanced substance of laser technology and device sphere. Because 2D is mixed,the flexibility of 3D cut system, high quality, high yield is led, already applied more and more extensively in new industry now. Prima group is exported thirdly the product of 2/0, have many 450 employee, include the staff member of the Prim A electron of European agency and follower and PNA. The first is located in Italy, manufacturing CNC, servo transmission and special device; The 2nd is located in the United States, production sells Laser Cutting equipment, CO2 and Nd: YAG stimulates illuminant. The group has 3 joint ventureses in China and Japan, in China main production sells Jin Bo alloy and dominoes range of products, in Japan unripe produce and sale makes work advanced product, arrive with diffusing gradually Asian market. The customer loyalty that this one well-known trademark gets is spent, taking ISO 9001:2Brand of character of 000 attestation, UCIMU be used by accredit, and the new market in Milanese stock exchange board piece appear on the market, proved the professional level of industry of general luck Ma and acceptance. The element of get victory of equipment of industry of general luck Ma is: Apply the wonderful adaptability with very wide range, flight smooth path, cartesian building, the structure is compact, working size is large, put through completely quality, tall accuracy and maneuverable process designing are designed. Whole product technology belongs to industry of general luck Ma: Source of control of equipment, number, laser develops production by group company. What assured all sorts of member so is perfect match gender and sex of an organic whole. The product of every kinds of model has all sorts of advanced configuration, the user can choose special device according to his need. The product begins from 80 time initial stage, industry of general luck Ma appears on market of 3DLaser Cutting machine. Use at car domain at first, use at bodywork the three-dimensional level off of the component, reach the production before prototype and series. Enter spaceflight field next, domain of electric home appliancesCNC Milling CNC Machining