Collet of shrinkage fitting type reachs his to prop up a technology (below)

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The graph of performance dominant position of collet of shrinkage fitting type is shown 8 times it is all sorts of clamp means (A - collet of type of join shrinkage fitting, B - collet of type of whole shrinkage fitting, C - pinchcock head, D - pinchcock head and clamping apparatus of flank locking type, you Ren is pointed brace up those who place precision is more knowable, when using collet of shrinkage fitting type, blade is pointed brace up place precision highest, it is 3 ~ about 5 μ M, and other collet is 20 ~ 30 μ M, collet of type of visible shrinkage fitting is to undertake high accuracy cutting machines means of clamp of optimal cutting tool. The graph shows the tigidity that is pinchcock head and collet of shrinkage fitting type 9 times to compare (the deflection situation that produces when bear of 1kg of to load of needle of cutting tool blade) make clear, the more small diameter cutting tool, the difference of deflection is bigger, rigid specific value is greater also, accordingly, the combination of small diameter cutting tool and collet of shrinkage fitting type is helpful for undertaking high accuracy cutting is machined. Can see in the comparison that from the graph 10 clip hold torque, diameter of cutting tool petiole is bigger, the torque difference of use bedspring collet and collet of shrinkage fitting type is bigger also. Graph 11 when be cutting tool circumgyrate, suffer the effect of centrifugal force, establish the cutting tool such as milling cutter to place the outspread amount that holds a share to compare a circumstance to make clear, rotate speed is higher, the outspread quantity difference of pinchcock head and collet of shrinkage fitting type is bigger also. It is by all sorts of collet when cutting tool is dormant blade is pointed brace up the balance state when placing precision, tigidity and high speed circumgyrate (see a picture 12) , collet of shrinkage fitting type has outstanding superior performance in every respect. Because the collet of type of cutting tool shrinkage fitting that applies to collet of shrinkage fitting type can be in external diameter control minimal in, the performance of press close to that waits because of this and workpiece is very good, the cutting tool that deserves to install can use the shortest length. Additional, wait to all have particular demand with material of the tooth appearance at high speed milling, tool, if be in,the standard of the performance side such as life of high speed circumgyrate, tool, high accuracy all is jumped promote a new class. Heretofore, apply to the cutting tool of collet of shrinkage fitting type, still give priority to in order to establish milling cutter, breed presents the trend that gives ceaseless increase. Graph hard alloy of coating of form of the 13 eat that it is mushroom establishs milling cutter, clip holds partial slightness, when the precision work that has cutting of perpendicular cliff face or opening, the performance of press close to of cutting tool and workpiece is very superior; The graph is shown 14 times for tooth whole of the shortest coating hard alloy establishs milling cutter is the new-style product that a kind of utmost saves cutting tool stuff; The graph is shown 15 times for CBN agglomeration body small diameter establishs milling cutter special apply to treatment of high speed milling, it is cutting tool of long life of a kind of high accuracy, after using collet of shrinkage fitting type, the blade when high speed circumgyrate is pointed brace up place precision very tall. When designing afore-mentioned cutting tool, the requirement realizes small diameter to change, can get used to need of high speed revolving again at the same time, function of its dynamic balancing must very exceedingly good. Predict, this one trend still will continue to develop henceforth. The place before the current situation of device of clamp of shrinkage fitting type and development are like is narrated, collet of shrinkage fitting type is to cutting tool clip holds a part to heat to be controlled to 300 ℃ , insert cutting tool petiole again, after refrigeration can cutting tool clamp, accordingly, adding shrinkage fitting buy is indispensable equipment. Current, it is central area with Europe, use electromagnetism induction to heat mostly means, japan also introduced this technology, but the collet that is used at be raw material with magnetic metal only. To cutting tool of a few small diameters, ask collet is had very tall brace up place precision, this kind of collet uses the special metal stuff with hot bigger coefficient of expansion to make mostly, to this kind of collet, most appropriate uses sirocco means to undertake heating. Latter, new development goes a kind to apply to non-magnetic the means of special electromagnetism induction of metallic stuff collet adds shrinkage fitting buy, this device can is opposite inside brief time the material such as alloy of stainless steel, titanium undertakes heating, accordingly, its use a field not of collet of type of shrinkage fitting of bureau be confined to heat, also can expand to other domain heat. Current, collet of shrinkage fitting type already began to be as standard collet configuration on high speed machining center, this kind of machining center deserves to have system of drive of linear electric machinery, basically use at treatment of cutting of high speed high accuracy, predict this kind of use climate will be constant henceforth grow in quantity. German ZOLLER company already developed a kind full automatic device of clamp of shrinkage fitting type, this is to receive the product that collet of shrinkage fitting type is popularized quickly and develops. Of milling of  high speed popularize the job to already was rolled out inside Japan, europe and southeast Asia area also are expanding its use a field quickly. The condition of high speed circumgyrate that small diameter cutting tool turns in minutely number undertakes cutting, accordingly, the clip of requirement cutting tool is held tigidity and brace up place precision must very tall, as it happens of collet of shrinkage fitting type can satisfy this kind of requirement, get consequently the widespread attention of people. Current, the adoption of collet of shrinkage fitting type already made the collective trend of global manufacturing industry. The place before be like is narrated, use cutting tool of clamp of shrinkage fitting means to be not new conception, but the clamp means that uses as treatment of cutting of the high accuracy below condition of high speed circumgyrate, the effective matched stack of this kind of collet and cutting tool had new progress however. Collet of shrinkage fitting type applies to treatment of high speed milling not only, and exploring its to use at system of grinding of high accuracy cutting tool, exceed the circle inside nicety the possibility of the respect such as clamp of grinding treatment, certain work, if MST company already left,give out a kind to apply to inside the collet of tool of shrinkage fitting type of round grinding (see a picture 16) . CNC Milling CNC Machining