Line cut is electric a loss is quick how to solve

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Line cut is electric piece, what use commonly is hard alloy, wearability has been jumped over higher, the surface jumps over smooth life to also grow more. Have some of manufacturer line cut electric conduction piece is pulled by molybdenum silk deep trench, it is very normal thing: Because molybdenum silk is when the job, be move in high speed, be unavoidable to arise vibratile, cause molybdenum silk is mixed the contact of electric conduction piece is undesirable, produce discharge phenomenon consequently, right the phenomenon that electric conduction piece produced cut. Additional, molybdenum silk is right of electric conduction piece wearing away also is to cause one of accounts that pull deep trench. because of such, electric conduction piece is belonged to fragile, running stores, often change the interface of electric conduction piece and molybdenum silk, wear away new electric conduction must change afresh below severe case piece. Why be when aluminous workpiece of cut of machine of cut of electric spark line, pull electric conduction of dark line cut particularly easily piece? Electric alumina is in a large number of adhering to on molybdenum silk, affected the electric performance of molybdenum silk, and alumina is the product that fashions when cut is aluminous, hardness of this kind of thing is exceeding tall and meeting influence is electric function, can form hard alloy of electric conduction piece wear away quickly and of each guide pulley wear away quickly, change frequency is taller, and use cost also rises. This is electric spark all the time the long-standing problem of this industry, there is a plan that basically solves before is to carry filar canister receives report, but this plan originates as a result of molybdenum silk power supply hind carry silk orgnaization, so ability conducts loss of the meeting in the process to drop one share in molybdenum silk, so cut efficiency can be reduced somewhat. The near future, development of success of limited company of equipment of numerical control of Ma of Suzhou city treasure went a kind of new-style line cut guide pulley axial takes electric unit, cancel electric conduction piece namely, give guide pulley the unit of electrify directly, this research and development solved the long-standing problem that puzzles us all the time thoroughly, cut efficiency rose, use cost also fell at a draught, industry and the accord that authority got in use manufacturer are made in Electromechanical reputably. Suzhou treasure Ma still declared patent to this and already obtained the approval of bureau of national intellectual property and authorization now. CNC Milling CNC Machining