Use latest technology to make sensor of accept rice machinery

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Swiss Ba Saier (Basel) university and the scientist of lab of world of IBM Su Li, with ink-jet printing art (Inkjetprinting) is in cantilever bridge (the deposit on Cantileverbeam) is thin thin molecular layer. Pass the reaction of this element layer, cantilever of machinery of rice of this kind of accept can be used as chemistry or biochemical sensor. The AlexanderBietsch of Ba Saier university expresses, the molecular layer that conducts feeling function in order to have enclothes cantilever array, it is will small rigid structure the key that changes sensor of accept rice machinery, the traditional small production technique that gives priority to with photoetching technology nevertheless applies very hard on cantilever sensor, and ink-jet printing law has fast, changeful reach the character that fits large-scale processing, because this is become most the technology that is valued. The person such as Bietsch goes up in aureate cantilever with ink jet law deposit comprise alkyl sulfur alcohol oneself (layer of Alkanethiols) only member (Monolayer) , so that use,will explore ionic chroma or PH value. If receive sulfur alcohol,go up odd DNA is low get together body, this cantilever can use exploration gene part. Researcher discovery, the become apparent that wants a flower a few minutes to undertake normally in gigantic view solution learns reaction, need a few seconds only in the tiny droplet of ink jet law achievable, this makes ink jet way can quick form from composition only member layer reachs DNA low get together body. This group still made the aeriform sensor that has 8 cantilever, among them every cantilever parts plating the polymer that went up to differ. Applicable of cantilever of accept rice machinery examines in biology science and technology, medical treatment, gas is passed feeling, make reach environmental monitoring to go up. CNC Milling CNC Machining