Plastic machine machines strategy

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Face plastic with polymer spare parts increasingly intense competition, processing factory of aircraft of medical treatment equipment had better want to prepare somewhat. Plastic establishment reachs instrument and aluminium or stainless steel establishment and instrument photograph are compared, have a lot of advantages, and a lot of medical treatment companies are getting lost use plastic material to pledge. But the problem is, whether can aircraft processing factory use the means like machining a metal is treatment plastic? The answer is negative. Because of these two kinds of material quality performance differs. Plastic can be in normally with the metal the machine tool of same kind -- vertical or horizontal machining center -- on treatment, but their similar sex also is confined to this. Plastic wait for an element as change of such as temperature and produce physics to change, the worker worker that because this is plastic,treatment and the exterior surface roughness that realize a requirement and need of narrow common difference employ structure of geometry of setting of specific machine tool configuration, cooling fluid, cutting tool and creativity is placed, the experience that along with accumulates for a long time. Applied project is plastic company (AEP)(www.


The president Chris Klope of Com) says, in his processing factory, treatment is plastic use main shaft of process capability of rotate speed of tall main shaft, four-axle, double contact - flange system and cooling fluid of via of high-pressured main shaft. The processing factory of Klope processes the high-powered polymer product that industry of medical treatment etc uses technically. His wraparound machine tool feature makes his processing factory is able to realize the very tall, surface surface roughness that needs 2 any polish scarcely, can carry the accurate noncombatant duty of very to by treatment component character need. AEP reachs the treatment on machining center of high-powered horizontal of a XR 700 in machining center of high-powered vertical of a XR 760 major plastic product. These two machine tools all out with a ha holds out group company (Www.


The Bridgeport company of Com) general. Applied project can satisfy the requirement of plastic treatment the BridgeportXR760 of machine tool such as of plastic company: Tigidity of process capability of rotate speed of tall main shaft, four-axle, tall cutting tool and cooling fluid of via of high-pressured main shaft. The machining center of XR 700 horizontal of AEP contains two measure for 19.

7 inches of × 31.

5 inches whirl type tray, the capacity changes knife time to the knife for 60 knives, knife for 1.

The two-way and automatic device changing a knife of 5 seconds, main shaft rotate speed is 12000 R/min, deploy the electric machinery of type of drive of GE Fanuc leather belt of 25 horsepower, fixed position precision is 0.

0006 inches, repeat fixed position precision for 0.

0003 inches. Its time of double tray exchange is 10 seconds, bearing ability is 1260 pounds. But, klope still pays attention to circular time very much, the treatment in saying to circulate in every gives a finished product is a very serious problem, this also is the place of action of play of function of the four-axle on two machine tools. A lot of medical treatment parts of AEP have machining in all faces, because this factory uses four-axle function to reduce the number that hold clip, and operator need not is opposite on vice ceaselessly the spare parts undertakes locating afresh. Expect on the spare parts, rotate on four-axle, in whole set treatment need not be completed below the circumstance that operator intervenes. Klope complements, four-axle function still makes treatment of spare parts angle more convenient, quicker, more accurate. In addition, the double tray that tablet type clamping apparatus takes on XR 700 reduced cycle time further. The amount of spare parts of clip of jacket of every clamping apparatus depends on many elements, include the measure of the spare parts among them. To large work, klope says the factory can process two finished product every circularly. To other work, every loop can be machined give 8 finished product. Spare parts dimension and the means that factory outfit places a part decided to the amount of clip can be held on clamping apparatus of every tablet type. The factory machines 2 inches of square today normally, will machine the spare parts of 18 inches of square tomorrow. On a clamping apparatus, it still holds clip normally many workpiece. The high speed that the place of Weiss main shaft of Bridgeport40# taper has and its oiling system and flange cooperate a system to make AEP benefit blame shallow. The Big Plus flange of main shaft provides the end panel that places with the knife and taper contact. Klope says flange and taper contact ensured the tigidity with taller machine tool, conduce to eliminate vibration. Klope says: "Also put in vibration really when treatment is plastic, expression is treatment line mark, it can affect cutting tool life badly. The main shaft of Bridgeport carries a design almost comb-out all treatment line is slash, beardless we use balance knife clip, we are OK at the same time machine with getting much rotate speed high. We had been machined for 1 inch cutting tool with the diameter 1.

5 inches cut deep, cutting tool is completely occlusive in workpiece, because the tigidity of the machine tool just is able to come true very high,this is. "   is like a processing factory not to take care, so they can be being machined go to in the process quantity of heat introduces casually in plastic spare parts. Such meetings cause a spare parts to expand out of tolerance. The means of settlement is to maintain cutting tool refrigeration, use proper geometrical figure. In AEP, bridgeport machine tool 300 pounds / square inch cooling fluid of main shaft via can be helped maintain spare parts dimension and exterior surface roughness. Klope still points out, must maintain main shaft to lubricate goodly, when they move for a long time in machining plastic process with high speed, want especially especially such. Klope says: "Our two Bridgeport machine tool the automatic lubricant function of its main shaft is very useful. The meeting after major main shaft should run longer period of time with the speed of 12000r/min is calorific, cause lubricant invalidation, grease is cast from inside its bearing piece, thereby phenomenon of bearing occurrence adhesion, main shaft malfunctions -- even if those life-time lubrication and sealed type main shaft are such also. " every other of system of     Bridgeport undertakes 70 hours lubricating automatically to main shaft, need not operator interpose. Machining plastic / when polymer, be versed in clip also poses a challenge really. If clamping apparatus and vice card ungual pressure are exorbitant,the most apparent is, so the spare parts can be out of shape. In bore and hole milling process, if vice pressure is too high, treatment of so affirmative meeting gives olivary opening. Klope says: "Be versed in clip is decided according to experience. I know to do a help so is not very big, but in this phase, plastic labour clip had better coach through already having the principle of experience. " the clamping apparatus that     AEP makes him normally with special material and card of machine tool vice are ungual, when assuring the spare parts that hold clip thereby, won't cause be out of shape. Once decide proper, outfit clip a certain spare parts won't cause metabolic vice pressure, AEP can determine and the record issues this pressure, maintain this pressure from beginning to end in machining a process. Another issue that wants a consideration is, labour clip and the crucial surface surface roughness that clamp does not get abrasion certainly or destroy plastic spare parts to go up. Klope notices, it is on a few high-powered data of company, tolerancepublic errand is + / - 0.

001 inches, this value is right plastic for it is very small. But, teflon of such as of material of low-down of coefficient of friction, also may have a problem. For example, if machine a public errand from teflon,be + / - 0.

003 inches dice, someone grasps it in the hand, the quantity of heat that comes from a hand can cause dice to expand out of tolerance. Accordingly, klope says, the linear that must know stuff heats up coefficient of expansion, decide again next to specific application, use what material to pledge best. "See when us a diameter is 8 inches to must maintain + / - 0.

When the blueprint of teflon spare parts of 001 inches of public errand, we explain to the client, this material itself cannot carry this noncombatant duty. We spend time to try to let client understanding, when the temperature that produces 8-10 to spend changes, tolerancepublic errand can produce how old change. Imagine, plastic spare parts is machined in st. louis in Feburary, carry Florida can appear next what phenomenon. The difference in temperature of these two places is achieved very easily 20 degrees taller even. The difference in temperature of these two places is achieved very easily 20 degrees taller even.. CNC Milling CNC Machining