Some paddle axis kind a few characteristics of spare parts CNC Machining

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This is the article with a very strong maneuverability, full and accurate of the technical data in article, measure is proper, to be engaged in an axis kind the craft of treatment member for have fair referenced value. The place in article lists each parameter in, 1 inch of = 25.

4mm, the reader can consult proper motion conversion. The author ever did 3 years of much craft works on the paddle axis product line of manufactory of component of some aviation motor. Fumble mediumly through learn and machining a process actually, to paddle axis kind the CNC Machining of the spare parts accumulated a bit experience. Some is discussed below kind the CNC Machining characteristic of typical paddle axis spare parts. Hardware data is AMS6414, be equivalent to 40CrNiMoA, via moving HRC40-45 of the hardness after pledging. Process of main fine vehicle treatment is completed on the VDF-315 of numerical control lathe that imports in German Boehringer company. The numerical control system of the machine tool is FANUC-15B. What process designing software uses is 15.

The UG(Unigraphics) of 0 version, process designing Shi Xiangen outputs knife of a CLSF according to generated knife course original document, via postposition processor postposition processing generates code of G of level-headed of system of machine tool numerical control. Postposition processor has the setting file of an interlocution type, can undertake installing according to the structure of the category of system of machine tool numerical control and machine tool, function. To the output format of the program, if fixed program head is mixed,format of order remaining part can be installed. To generated knife course, UG has the function that demonstrates to machine orbit on screen. Whether to have interference generation for the examination, still can come out picture of cutting tool model to undertake demonstrating by treatment contrail. The method is to draw cutting tool model first, the knife of the definition when the origin of the model is machined namely grows initial drop, save Options chooses inside Options menu, choose option of Pattern Data Only again, put cutting tool model for module. When wanting to demonstrate to machine orbit, with the Pattern in Edit Display menu, the method of file of model of cutting tool of reelection Specify definition can. When demonstrating to machine orbit again now, can see cutting tool model. The method that aperture machines inside is right assure inside the circle outside Kong He is opposite at aperture of two upright centers jumpy have very big concern. The demand is so not high can divide working procedure to be machined respectively from two end. Ask to answer high to put hole of two upright centers in same the treatment in holding clip completes a process. Trying cut action is, because the machine tool is not very tall to the precision of knife system, exist always to the nominal measure in the dimension that adjusts treatment to come out and program is not being made after the knife the thousand error to hundred inches. Because this must use foretaste cut, measure an error next, again measure gotten error to input a knife to fill in, such ability make sure final measure gets be controllinged effectively. Try all conditions when cutting (wait like surplus and cutting parameter) want with keep consistent when final precision work, in order to remove the effect of these elements. First each batches should try cut, later but skip. To the crucial dimension with dimension lesser public errand, still should install before final precision work retreat knife and time-out to estimate size in order to measure, adjust a knife to fill by need. Outside of predestined relationship knife try cut diameter of the circle outside can machining a paragraph and an end panel, be worth with adjusting the knife of radial and axial to fill respectively, if pursue,1 is shown. Try cut program example to be as follows: Graph 1 /N300(TOOL=35 DEG O.

D LH) /N310(*********************) /N320(OFFSET= 5) /N330(TOOL# 5 TTX 7.

9540TTZ 2.

5590RaD= .

0150PIQ=3) /N340(*********************) /N350 G54 G90 T0 /N360 G01 X23.


F200 /N370 T05005 /N380 M42 /N390 G92 S1120 /N400 G96 S500 M04 /N410 X11.


54 /N420 M08 /N430 G01 X7.

1 /N440 Z1.


/ N450 G95 X5.


005 /N460 G94 Z1.


/ N470 G00 Z3.

936 /N480 G01 X4.

185 /N490 G95 Z2.


005 /N500 G94 X4.



/ N510 G00 X11.

97 /N520 M09 /N530 Z36.

324 /N540 M00 /N550(**********************) /N560(MESSURE LENGTH TO FLANGE FACE IS 0.

78 〃 AND DIA 4.

185 〃 ) / N570(**********************) and of boring cutter try cut machine a paragraph only commonly inside aperture, fill with the knife that will adjust radial value, the method that axial uses to the knife is entered for boring cutter leave pair of knife datum plane to secure a distance (be like 1 inch) place, in the program the setting pauses, use slip gauge to decide point of a knife to the distance to knife datum plane, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 thick boring use section means, every knife surplus can be used 0.

1 inch or so, every paragraphs of radial direction in aperture cuts 12 knives left and right sides, after length direction boring is controlled into 3 inches, boring cutter is exited completely, clear scrap, check bit. Of course, this is a typical case only, the size of aperture, deepness still suffers in be being machined actually, the influence of the element such as circumstance of machine tool refrigeration. Boring of essence of life stays 0.

02 inches of surplus arrive dimension. Cutting surplus flashes of light preceding an earthquake can be not had before boring of essence of life the aperture inside one knife, ensure 0.

02 inches surplus is accurate and even. Boring of essence of life divides knife boring, every knife surplus 0.

01 inches, can go to inside boring one knife, pull one knife outside again. Go to with two knives inside boring photograph is compared, inside aperture quality is better. Investigate its reason, the across blade of razor blade of the triangle when because pull one knife outside finally,the author considers as participates in cutting, relatively sharp place comes. Graph 3 inside when demand of aperture surface surface roughness is high, bearing kind is different different also to its influence. The demand of exterior surface roughness that diameter of main aspects of the aperture inside a kind of spare parts handles is not high, for Ra125, only in the axis mid journal place uses soft ungual clamp to be able to achieve a requirement. The demand of exterior surface roughness that diameter of main aspects of the aperture inside another kind of spare parts handles is higher, for Ra32, must use appropriative soft claw in main aspects flange and axis mid diameter is in in the meantime clamp, ability assures inside requirement of aperture surface surface roughness, if pursue,3 are shown. In be being machined actually, did not place when holding flange, use identical cutting tool and cutting parameter, aperture surface surface roughness achieved Ra110 less than only inside, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph 4 inside Kong Youda step, method of cutting of full the crucial point can be used when cutting tool accepts restriction, if pursue,5 are shown. But use lesser feed, like 0.

001 ~ 0.

002 inches / R, every are entered 3 millesimals, retreat 2 millesimals. Because retreat a knife the amount is very small, sensory cutting tool seems to be in successive feed cutting, slower nevertheless just. In be machined actually, ever had had triangular bit at the same time the 2/3 above of edge the example of participation cutting, did not appear oscillatory or cutting tool is unusual wear away wait for a circumstance. Graph the actor defect of 5 different and phyletic boring cutter. The stretch knife handle that place type is opposite VDI-50 decrease brace up have very good effect. Original, we were ordered a few agree the boring lever of accept, include a few to decrease brace up boring lever, with common VDI-50 knife handle namely the knife handle of bolt impaction means holds clip, use result is very bad, vibration is big, collapse razor blade. Thought all sorts of method adjust the problem that cannot solve vibration, be forced a these boring lever are unused rise, and look for boring lever to replace additionally. Later, we understand what use in craft abroad is the stretch knife handle that place type (Split Sleeve) , trying to order two try out, result effect is very good, brace up knife phenomenon was eliminated completely. Compare because of what buy expensive, we were modelled on through tool him branch again the stretch knife handle placing type of a few different internal diameter, very good also with, and use unused before boring rod rose. The long way of aperture is compared big, and when having bigger steps leading up to a house, the effect of head of prejudicial type boring that uses combination is very good. Decrease brace up boring lever front is used bolt and swallow end chamfer and in front but the boring head join that prejudicial adjustment. The structural strength of this kind of choice is good, of treatment inside aperture surface quality is high, size is exact. In be being machined actually, use 0.

003 inches / R, 800r/min, surplus is 0.

005 inches when, the exterior surface roughness of the aperture inside treatment can amount to Ra26, and can assure ± easily 0.

001 inches dimension public errand. Just differ when appearance of the aperture inside the spare parts has difference, the likelihood needs the boring head with different transhipment of through cargo to be interfered in order to avoid. If choose to use the boring staff with a few smaller diameter, although can avert interference likewise, and suitable scope is a few wider, but too old long way assures than will making the stability of boring cutter not easy, vibration is eliminated very hard, and as a result of boring cutter intensity reduce, phenomenon letting a knife will be more apparent, bore hole dimension is controlled not easily. CNC Milling CNC Machining