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Introduced a kind to be based on Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2. 0 Ban gold the Ban gold below hypostatic model build reach develop a method, OK and fast accurate acquisition Ban gold develop a plan relevant data, and with Ban gold the tradition spread out a method to undertake comparative, explain understands Pro / E spread out a method to be in gold of spaceflight domain Ban the advantage in spreading out, practical, and with gold of Ban of model of some spaceflight aircraft spread out made applied example, the gold that it is Ban spread out provided a kind of economic tool. Part of many Ban gold figuration is used on 1 foreword orbiter and spaceflight airship, be like joist of envelope of bracket of effective load aluminium alloy, airship etc. The Ban gold that these plate make have weight light, assemble simple, cost low good point, become spaceflight aero main component. Ban gold make, the mainest is to decide Ban gold correctly develop a plan, namely with 1: The scale lofting of 1. Traditional and manual computation and diagram method are intuitionistic, convenient, wide application received in spaceflight production project, but manual computation and diagram method spread out graph precision low, error is big, existing craft course low, wasteful material and treatment quality assure complex, efficiency not easily wait for defect. Fold curved machine to wait for the wide application of facilities of accurate Ban gold as machine of numerical control Laser Cutting, numerical control, technique of Sheet Metal Fabrication also had very big change. The technique of exact size is constructed after from traditional extensive small effect shapes, arrive to spread out accurately, the inevitable trend that the advanced technique that shapes directly is production technology development. Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2. 0 it is a function that company of American parameter technology rolls out parameter of powerful CAD / CAM changes software system, offerred hardware design, product to assemble, gold of NC treatment, Ban development of design, mould, cast measure a design, automatically, the orgnaization is emulated and a variety of functions such as stress analysis, had been applied at the industry such as mechanical, car, spaceflight, home appliance widely. The article introduced spaceflight Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2 is based on in the domain. The build and develops application of spare parts of gold of 0 implementation Ban studies. 2 Ban gold gold of Ban of tradition of characteristic of treatment of Pro / E treatment expects with spreading out dimension lofting to fall approximately first, obligate undertakes folding a turn after follow-up mental allowance, exact size is trimmed again after folding a turn, machine craft aperture and chamfer finally. This kind of technique machines effect to lead low, wasteful material, and machine quality assure not easily, but do not need to develop graph measure accurately. And gold of Ban of Pro / E treatment craft is a characteristic with developing treatment accurately, press first develop a plan overall cut gives appearance and Kong He slot, fold a turn to shape next, if the graph is shown 1 times,its machine flow. This kind of craft has efficiency quality of tall, treatment course of good, craft simplifies wait for an advantage, but the precision demand that develops a plan to Ban gold is high. Accordingly, module of design of gold of Ban of Pro / E makes Ban gold the develops a plan accurately main tool in treatment. Spread out a method to undertake comparative with the tradition, pro / E has clear advantage, basically have the following: A. Treatment of Pro / E realized parameter to change, rose to spread out efficiency; B. Craft course simplifies, it is good to machine effect to lead quality of tall, treatment; C. Spread out precision tall, spread out dimension facilitating test and verify; D. Can generate the order that fold a turn automatically to express, the order folding a turn in expressing to make a process, radius that fold a turn and the horn that fold a turn; E. Pro / E spreads out can undertake the photograph of any direction as string of 1000 cash between component of round pipe fitting, round Taper Pipe and them wait for spare parts of complex curved surface spread out; F. The form of 2 dimension graph that can make equipment of numerical control cut need directly from the space model that launch, with numerical control the machine that fold a turn undertakes data joins, can realize Ban gold thereby the treatment that do not have paper. 3 Ban gold Pro / E spreads out methodological Ban gold bang develops a method, the diversification that can get used to a design and complication, the program is Ban gold has on the foundation of process of complete imitate Sheet Metal Fabrication spread out. Compare with traditional method photograph, basically be the function of Ban Jin Zhanping that uses Pro / E, make Ban gold restores to be level off condition. The specific method that develop: Ban gold is founded in the Ban gold module of Pro / E three-dimensional space model, apply Pro / E exhibit smooth (Unbend) module, after the dot takes spare parts tool reference plane and the side that need to spread out, after software can fold a turn actually to process procedure operation by Ban gold generate automatically launch a model. Through launching a model, pro / E outputs the file of 2 dimension graph of all sorts of formats, apply at facilities of gold of numerical control Ban directly. If the graph is shown 2 times,develop methodological technological process. 3. The 1 environment that build a model installs the environment that build a model is to use Pro / E to have Ban gold a before the design serious content. What what the parameter such as standard of the length unit in the environment of Pro / E after the setting is finished, perspective should use with facilities of gold of numerical control Ban is consistent, after such facilitating that in Pro / E finishs 2 dimension view, output directly. Pro / E basically has 3 configuration file, the length unit that all sorts of models build below the working environment that is E of affirmatory Pro / , public errand tags the CONFIGPRO file such as means; The 2 PRO that are set of level of definition project attempt. DTL file; The 3 standard PROMAT that are definition picture frame. DTL file. The setting is used normally write board compile text document or undertake installing through Setup menu. Such, the environment that we can standardize in leaves the job. 3. 2 three-dimensional substance build a model to be in Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2. Ban gold is built in O have two kinds of basic kind. A. Use the Part hypostatic module of Pro / E above all, build entity of a thin wall, use Pro / E to change an order from the Ban gold of the belt next, its changeover becomes Ban gold, use substance so (the part that Part) method builds had Ban gold due feature, can be next in module of gold of Ban of Pro / E undertake spreading out; B. The Sheetmetal Ban gold that uses Pro / E directly designs module, build part of gold of a Ban, use the thin wall feature in Ban gold module, with hypostatic module similar, have drawing, level, mix, rotate wait for a command, still can pass the order that loses turn and figuration to build complex Ban gold. The part that this kind of method builds has Ban gold directly due feature, it is OK to do not need to make any transitions undertake spreading out in module of gold of Ban of Pro / E. 3. Spare parts of 3 test and verify is three-dimensional gold of Ban of E of model Pro / launching a model is with built Ban gold three-dimensional and hypostatic model is a foundation, to assure to spread out the validity of the model, answer Ban gold space model undertakes test and verify. In module of gold of Ban of Pro / E, can use an analysis (the measurement in Analysis) menu (Measure) , the model is analysed (the functional module such as Model Analysis) has space model of Ban gold spare parts of each element measure an analysis. 3. The Ban gold of E of / of Pro of sex of craft of spare parts of 4 test and verify building a model is to press Ban gold completely effective treatment process has imitate operation, because this spare parts builds gold of Ban of Lv of the take an examination in modular process the craft sex problem such as horn of the craft break in treatment, circle that fold a turn. If spare parts model has the problem of structural craft sex that does not accord with effective treatment, pro / E will reject to spread out, accordingly we oppose the structural craft sex of body model must undertake test and verify. 3. 5 Ban gold spread out in software of Pro / E, use exhibit smooth (there basically are 3 kinds of methods when Unbend) command spreads out: A. Regular command, this option is the acquiescent option of Pro / E, can develop the general range that fold a turn; B. Transfer command, this option in order to will turn receive a face to spread out for 2 dimension plane, turn typically receive a face to produce Bao Bi with compound means; C. Analyse is sectional drive, spread out Ban gold with this option when, choose fixed face reassign first a thalweg, will decide the form that is out of shape curved surface spreads out. This means is commonly used the Bao Bi that has irregular appearance at spreading out. The Ban gold that should fold a turn when spreading out, outside data meets neutral line be compressed, namely the length of outside data can be reduced, its size depends on condition of heat treatment of the ply of the type of material, material, material and the point of view that change a turn. When undertaking spreading out in software of Pro / E, the system all can be calculated automatically the length that material perhaps is reduced by drawing, its calculative formula is: L=(0. · of T) of · of R+Y of 5 π · (in type of θ / 90) (1) : L- - Ban gold spread out length, T- - the inside radius of the area that fold a turn, T- - the ply of material, θ- - the angle that fold a turn, Y- - Y factor. Y factor is a constant that shows by the position of line of the center that fold a turn place is decided, it is the rate that neuter changes curved line and material ply. Y factor can come out by K factor computation, its computation formula is: Y=K*(π / 2) (2) Y, the acquiescent default value of factor is 0. 50, the Config in can passing software of E of modification Pro / configures a file to revise. K factor is to fold the radius inside the turn (neutral line) with Ban gold the distance of ply is compared. K factor uses formulary K=t/T calculation, if pursue,3 are shown. 3. The 6 output that develop a figure are in software of Pro / E, the model of spare parts of gold of the Ban after spreading out can be changed into 2 dimension to pursue through Drawing module. Line of the measure that 2 dimension graph can show Ban gold part, center that fold a turn, break curved outspread division, in order to make the figure of contented user demand. Pro/E has good compatibility, the data level that can support has: DRW, IGES, SET, DWG, DXF, STEP, TIF, pass these data interface, pro / E is OK with almost all CAD, CAM software has transition like the software such as AutoCAD, UG, SolidWork, Solidedge, 2 dimension pursue also can output of a variety of graphical file format with these formats, can very the data trade that has graphical file with numerical control equipment conveniently, achieve the goal that outputs process designing directly thereby, implementation turns treatment without paper. The box form on orbiter of 4 example analysis and spaceflight airship be effective load body is important prop up, the hypostatic module that uses Pro / E and Ban gold module can implement complex case form easily spread out. Graph 4 it is spare parts of effective load bracket three-dimensional graph, material is 5A06-O, flange has 10- ○ the aperture of 2, box bottom has 4- ○ 5, it is by the side of 4 vertical stroke of the box solder structure, the 4 bottoms horn of the box has 4- ○ of 2 stop crack aperture, the body of box of gold of the Ban that fold a turn that can see this spare parts is a model from which, accordingly, acquire part of this Ban gold spread out makings the main component that makes technology of this spare parts. It is with it below exemple, e of / of detailed introduction Pro develops medium applied process in Ban gold. 4. 1 substance builds a model to start Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2. 0, the working list that sets Pro / E and Config configure a file, agree standard of the length unit in making Pro / E builds modular environment, perspective with national level photograph, build file of a Part next, click affirmatory pushbutton. Datum plane is inspected to be careless draw plane before the choice, the drawing that passes twice (Extrusion) command, build an entity, can use an editor (the dimension size that Edit) commands modification substance, go up in entity next stiletto, if pursue,5 are shown. 4. Changeover of 2 Ban gold uses applied process to change the part into Ban gold, click applied process- - Ban gold- - housing- - the choice moves except the face, affirmatory, finish take case, at that time the operation page of Pro / E turns to operate a page for Ban gold module, spare parts changeover makes housing of gold of a Ban, can have relevant Ban gold command operation, if pursue,6 are shown. From the graph 6 in can see, this spare parts is gold of not typical Ban, because this needs to add feature of corresponding Ban gold craft to this spare parts, curve round horn for example, stop crack the feature such as aperture. Click Ban gold module to insert- - changeover- - the edge is seamed- - the choice pursues by the side of 4 vertical stroke of 7 spare partses- - choose interstitial join place- - add 4- ○ 2 stop crack aperture, decide next. Such spare partses turn into gold of a typical Ban, the spare parts after generating is shown 7 times like the graph. Ban gold part is become in hypostatic changeover later, to assure to spread out the validity of the model, answer generated Ban gold space model undertakes test and verify. Contrast blueprint, through analysing measured way, detailed test and verify is three-dimensional each dimension of the model. Model of spare parts of test and verify is not had by accident hind, according to requirement of craft of Sheet Metal Fabrication, examination Ban gold craft sex is reasonable. Be over in test and verify when three-dimensional model and Ban gold craft all can be carried out, can use the Ban gold with Pro / powerful E to command pair of Ban gold next undertake spreading out. Select Ban gold according to the experience of Ban gold the numerical value of the K factor that spread out, use formula to seek a Y gene, it is next in module of gold of Ban of software of Pro / E, the choice edits- - setting- - Ban gold- - Ban gold setting- - the license that fold a turn- - factor or Y factor, after the setting is finished, the choice is founded exhibit smooth- - choice underside is datum plane- - spread out all, if the graph is shown 8 times,generated part develops a plan, ban gold showed explicitly in the graph line of the center that fold a turn and spread out angle. 4. The 3 Ban gold that spread out a graph to output a basis to be generated finally are three-dimensional develop a plan, the line of the center that fold a turn that purify develops a hardware and the element that spread out the facilities of gold of numerical control Ban such as angle not to need, build the 2 dimension figure of the spare parts, next with DWG or DXF format is saved, input facilities of gold of numerical control Ban directly for example in Laser Cutting machine, have process designing cut. Pass experimental test and verify and manufacturing practice for many times, this kind of method is fast, accurate, can shorten substantially the design of the product and production cycle, promote those who produce character amount to rise to be reduced with what produce cost. 5 last words pass Pro / Engineer Wildfire 2. 0 powerful and complete functions, the operation interface that human nature changes, use the combination of different parameter and commutation, OK and rapid and accurate build gold of three-dimensional and stereo Ban, the Ban gold module in using Pro / E next has Ban gold spread out. Spread out methodological photograph to compare with the tradition, efficiency and spread out precision to huge rises, and result facilitating test and verify, spread out a graph to be able to undertake with equipment of Ban gold numerical control graphical data is exchanged directly, realize the treatment that do not have paper, it is a kind of fast, accurate, ideal, efficient practical Ban gold develop a method, can shorten substantially the design of the product and production cycle, accord with the equipment of numerical control of contemporary Ban gold is efficient treatment in spaceflight domain to ask. CNC Milling CNC Machining