Crock lid bolt assembles freezer compressor machine

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Bolt of lid of summary air cylinder is assembled automatically machine it is the equipment with the very high rate of a kind of automation that is used at freezer compressor to assemble product line to go up. It uses complete atmospheric pressure to control fashion, manufacturing rate fast, precision is tall, move reliable, adjust reach the operation is simple, character of service exceeded congener entrance equipment, 20% what invest to be entrance equipment only. Technology of this kind of control gains a success in compressor production not only, there also is promotion value in the automation product line with similar other likewise. Keyword: Bolt of lid of freezer compressor air cylinder assembles machine pneumatic motor 1 foreword is in large-scale automation production, bolt is full automatic assemble craft often indispensable. It can improve productivity not only, reduce worker labor intensity, and more important is to be able to make sure the close firm moment of force of each bolt tends consistent, achieve design requirement, the assembly that promotes expensive product quality and overall function. This requirement has become one of main target of product competition get victory gradually. Crock lid bolt is assembled automatically machine be aimed at air cylinder of the crankcase inside freezer compressor to carry a lid namely rig process and develop. Its characteristic is speed it is normal that compact, production moves completely stability of fast, quality, baric control, structure. This kind of bolt assembles the control technology of machine to also apply to car, autocycle, home appliance to wait to assemble product line automatically. Analysis of 2 workpiece characteristic and technical requirement crankcase are the crucial part of compressor, crock lid assembles quality to affect the character of service of compressor directly, because this crock of lid is assembled,have firm demand. If the graph is shown 1 times, should measure piston end panel and box are creditably above all the clearance between, according to choose in group match a principle, single out corresponding sealed paper mat, in order to make sure piston and the clearance by the crock are worth a requirement. Next, the close firm moment of force of requirement bolt is crock of basis of 8 ~ 10Nm(to build material to choose some to be worth) surely, the control of pitching moment error of 4 bolt is in certain limits, be out of shape in order to make sure crock lid gets power even, sealed effect is good the optimum behavior with the product. Graph lid of 1 air cylinder assembles sketch map additional, still ask to assemble metre to be 9 seconds / stage, put a crock to build component artificially (mat of crock lid, steel and 4 bolt wear) together, push crankcase, tighten solid bolt automatically, after the job is finished roll out crankcase automatically. The operation wants simple, save effort, change spanner and maintenance are handy, rapid, equipment moves reliable. The layout of 3 equipment and composition 3.

The operation characteristic of the direction when 1 facilities distribution flows according to the layout of general assembly product line, workpiece and relevant working procedure, go to the lavatory to make handlers is operated, and reduce workpiece the inverting frequency in process of going from place to place, bolt assembles guildelines to decorate in automation line before side, if the graph is shown 2 times, after the 3 bolt machine before its completes the work, handlers is in workpiece advocate on slideway anticlockwise rotate 90 ° ; Measure end panel interval next, mark gaskets set number; Bolt is finished to assemble on this equipment later. This kind of layout can reduce workpiece rotational frequency, reduce labor intensity and raise manufacturing rate. Graph 2 assemble machine installation location drawing 3.

Facilities of 2 mechanical assemblies is main by pneumatic spanner component, crock Gai Ga has next body, makings orgnaizations, oriented slide, advocate the composition of a few parts such as slideway and pedestal, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph spanner of pneumatic of graph of 3 equipment composition chooses Japan to import a product, model is UNR60L, in 0.

Below the atmospheric pressure of 5MPa, 610r/min of top rotate speed, the biggest torque 13.

0Nm, wastage of the biggest air 0.

65m3/min. Enter spanner to make bolt head successful, spanner component traditional Chinese clothes has spring, below the case that cannot enter spanner at the same time in 4 bolt head, have the effect of abdicate and amortize. Additional, it is OK that spanner component head circles motor to take over a center aleatoric direction swings, also facilitate the bite of bolt head is entered. The crock builds clamping apparatus body to use clamp crock to build component, if pursue,4 are shown. Collet falls in the drive of air cylinder, clip a crock to cover the aspect of two photographs adjacent at the same time, additional two flank are located by fixed fulcrum. After clamp, bolt center and the center that extend the spanner head inside clamping apparatus body are corresponding, screw points to the oriented slideway of crankcase. The graph builds clamp sketch map 4 crocks to direct slideway is the passageway of pass in and out of crankcase, have oriented effect to the motion of crankcase on one hand, make its screw position aims screw basically; On the other hand, in the process that slips in crankcase, its axis head moves the journey a powerful person or family in oriented slideway component, make pneumatic motor rotates automatically. Next makings device use debus to had assembled good work. Achieve a design when pitching moment namely when the requirement, in shut all pneumatic motor while, also make next makings crock movements, roll out workpiece through lever orgnaization. Can reduce labor intensity greatly. Advocate the orbit that slideway is flow of the work on product line. Pedestal supports afore-mentioned all and mechanical parts, hold pneumatic concurrently to control box, installation of component of all pneumatic logic is inside the casing of pedestal, make equipment shell beautiful, compact, installation maintains position convenient. Bolt of lid of crock of 4 pneumatic control system is assembled automatically machine used complete atmospheric pressure to control fashion, if the graph is shown 5 times,pneumatic controls a principle. Among them: Air cylinder 1 -- the crock builds clamp crock, use clamp crock to build component. Air cylinder 2 -- next makings crocks, with the workpiece after roll out close solid. Air cylinder 3 -- pneumatic spanner is motor, use close solid bolt. A powerful person 4 -- a powerful person of pushbutton of crock lid clamp, use act of control clamp crock. A powerful person 5 -- urgent stop a powerful person, use processing unusual situation. A powerful person 6 -- journey a powerful person, it relies on crankcase axis to head pressing is moved and start gas motor to rotate. A powerful person 7 -- sequence valve, when a certain bolt achieves close firm moment of force, movement of this a powerful person, the reversal valve that cuts off this motor 8. A powerful person 8 -- motor control a powerful person, with will open stop pneumatic spanner. A powerful person 9 -- logical a powerful person, when a powerful person 7 after cutting off a certain motor, at the same time the logical a powerful person of homologize puts through, had done stop machine preparation. A powerful person 10 -- each other locks up a powerful person, after workpiece of clamp crock clamp, movement of this a powerful person, wait for approach valve of Cheng of be issued to lower levels 6, advocate 11 inverting of reversal valve, ability makes motor rotates; Otherwise, although approach valve of Cheng of be issued to lower levels 6, also cannot put through motor. A powerful person 11 -- advocate reversal valve. A powerful person 12 -- pressure-relief valve, adjust pressure of control gas district. Triplex 13 -- air handles installation, its pressure-relief valve 12 adjust advocate the pressure of loop. A powerful person 14 -- reversal valve. The working loop of equipment and control process are as follows: (1) builds the crock package to put clamping apparatus system, press pushbutton a powerful person 4, make reversal valve 14 inverting, clamp crock is built; Next makings crocks return vital energy, be in regressive condition; Open each other to lock up a powerful person at the same time 10, had done switch on the mobile phone preparation. (2) sends oriented slideway crankcase, open journey valve 6, make advocate reversal valve 11 inverting, 4 motor are started at the same time; At this moment, crankcase approachs bolt head to spanner aperture, after bolt head enters spanner hole, bolt begins to come back. (When 3) some bolt achieves formulary moment of force, atmospheric pressure of this gas district is elevatory, corresponding sequence valve movement, can close this motor reversal valve, make motor stops turn. Right now, another gas district makes corresponding logical a powerful person 9 guide, await a powerful person of the others logic to guide. (4) originallies closely when 4 bolt, all and logical a powerful person all guides after connecting, control gas makes reversal valve 14 inverting, loosen the crock is built, in the meantime, reversal valve 14 make next makings crocks roll out crankcase. So far a job ends circularly, all component restore savagery. (Occurrence different general reason is like in 5) job process besides, press stop a powerful person urgently 5, control enrages will compulsive reversal valve 14 restoration, interrupt working loop, wait to handle trouble artificially. Graph 5 assemble machine atmospheric pressure to control a principle to pursue 5 running test analysed equipment to undertake in debugging a process systematic performance experiment and close firm moment of force experiment. Test result makes clear: (1) sequence valve the 7 crucial element that are moment of force of control close firm, its function and quality must have higher demand. (2) system everywhere the mouth size of decompression and reduce expenditure component has certain immanent connection, integrated consideration, harmonious processing wants when adjusting, make the system achieves groove. (The discharge of 3) pneumatic motor has certain effect to tightening firm moment of force, after choosing to get used to the rotate speed that productivity requirement and whorl come back, through adjusting triplex a total pressure-relief valve of 13 and sequence valve the harmonious pressure of 7, the close firm moment of force of setting bolt. (The difference of material of 4) crock lid and bolt material chafes to its pitching moment impact is very big, because of this workpiece to different material, the take off pressure that must decide through the experiment avery kind of combines the sequence valve below. (5) tightens the duplicate tests of firm moment of force to make clear, assembled the working precision of machine to achieve design requirement. In a year when the crock builds bolt to assemble machine investment automatically to use, never had happened to stop engine trouble, speed fast, precision the tall, use requirement that runs product line of reliable, contented compressor. Character of service exceeded entrance equipment, and 20% what installation cost is entrance equipment only. Gained satisfactory economic benefits and social benefit. Technology of this kind of control gains a success in compressor production not only, there also is promotion value in the automation product line with similar other likewise. 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