Kennajin is belonged to roll out newest ToolBOSS equipment raises a product to supply catenary efficiency

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Kennajin is belonged to newest roll out demonstrate equipment, Flex equipment, and other model equipment has better performance, can expensive product supplies catenary efficiency, save many cost expenses. Lateluobu, ni Yazhou of guest evening standard -- ensure the factory is efficient the key of low cost operation is, ensure in right time, proper place, get correct cutting tool. The cost of razor blade of a milling or turning razor blade may be a few dollars, also may be the investment with huge brushstroke; If place cannot be offerred in time to require cutting tool in machining a process, will cause the stop work of whole product line or more product line, cause delivery incur loss through delay, reduce the problem such as gain. Why do this agree namely the ToolBOSS that a such businesses of accept metal company that precede in the industry roll out newest model? Cutting tool manages systematic account. "Because of all sorts of reasons, more and more clients hope to own automatic sale system, " the global product that Kennajin belongs to a company supplies catenary to serve project manager Jay Evans such respecting. "They hope to improve inventory control, contractible of centralized cutting tool library run dimensions, shorten the time that the machine tool handles personnel to search place to require cutting tool, capture, comparative, and dog to process data of relevant cutting tool cost with workpiece. These data will be used at judging problem place, have the opportunity of persistent improvement certainly. " Kennajin belongs to   the company rolls out newest ToolBOSS is a dimension cabinet, of facilitating shift demonstrate equipment, to the company cooperative agency supplies this equipment now. "Providing the field of custom-built product and service for the client, cooperative agency is located in the foremost edge that serves a field, " Evans respecting. "Use this to demonstrate equipment, agency can show the advantage of ToolBOSS system better to the client inside assembly room. " this demonstrates equipment to only 100 pounds are weighed (45 kilograms) , include interconnected system of ToolBOSS computer science department, the ToolBOSS memory that complete edition installed in the system runs software; Still installed the feeling screen of standard type, and leave factory the two tray system of configuration. "The standard measure that demonstrates equipment width and depth size and ToolBOSS system is identical, but height is only 23 inches (58.

4 centimeters) , " Evans respecting. "Adopt such design plan, the tray that can help our cooperative agency reveal all sorts of norms and drawer fittings -- the demand of OK and contented large or small-sized job shops. " the ToolBOSS frame that   more chooses   Flex equipment to adopt standard measure, have eightfold drawer, can show the advantage of ToolBOSS system better. Because client demand is in,grow ceaselessly, the drawer on frame can be added reach 26. "The configuration of tray and drawer can store not only cutting tool product, return the memory that can be used at article of the other inside the workshop and management, be like leather belt, wheel, glove, etc. " Evans respecting. Positive-appearing image name describes in that way, toolBOSS Modulo is one is used modular ToolBOSS frame, the drawer that different type can use when configuration and lie between; Extended the function of ToolBOSS system, can store not only cutting tool product, still can have efficient memory government to a variety of article, if change, protective equipment of glove, individual, etc. In larger applying, modulo system can store to 120 ToolBOSS the position has the government of efficient safety, have complete identifying, application, and book function automatically again. To client of bigger or more complex large production company, system of ToolBOSS Roto Point can is opposite 234 to 468 memory position undertakes administrative, use newest dismountable type lies between a fender, include a kind of model to be able to have the shift that configures afresh in use place. A variety of memory can choose to lie between a configuration means when buying an equipment, need a few time to be able to have memory government to a large number of article only. In the ToolBOSS system of all sorts of model, toolBOSS software has complete information to inquire a function. Operate personnel to be able to undertake inquiring to data of company major servicing in any time, include to use the person, use utility, use article, use time, element such as use place. Kennajin belongs to a company to already was company of manufacturing industry of much home whole world to offer thousands of custom-built model the product supplies catenary system. Distribute equipment through providing the cutting tool of automation to the client, supply catenary government software and peripheral equipment, install standardization of equipment, cutting tool and conformity management, article to store program, equipment upgrades beforehand reach installation service, hand in the key to groom, and amalgamative issue the service such as bill, kennajin belongs to a company to help what numerous client decreased to center what cutting tool suffers from run dimensions, shortened again at the same time the time that the machine tool handles personnel to search place to require cutting tool. Because this can reduce stocks considerably, cut cutting tool cost and administrative cost. In the meantime, kennajin belongs to a company to still offer professional technology to seek advice from a service for the client, recommend standard type product according to client case or custom-built model product. The client will discover, no matter company scope magnitude, no matter whether treatment technology is sophisticated, raise a product to supply catenary efficiency to will become very easy, such Evans respecting. High-tech product -- ToolBOSS system of ToolBOSS system   is Kennajin the safe memory that belongs to company production runs a system. Newest 28 equipment that roll out are had with 20 foregoing equipment cover an area of a space identically, have the following characteristic at the same time: It is OK to can configure an user afresh undertake to memory ark according to actual condition apace is configured afresh convenience. Below the case that does not use a tool, can undertake be configuringed afresh to single tray or whole system frame inside a few minutes. Distinctive hand is moved if need a hand to move,surmount control equipment surmount control, the memory ark of newest model has 24 hours of all practicable hands to use control property, use convenient and quick, do not need to decompose disassemble. The drawer norms that a variety of drawer norms   differ 19 kinds, can store the article of a variety of different specifications. The basis asks to be able to offer the drawer of special norms. Security stores in the system that get when the article inside ark, can demarcate obtains to carry the following kind: Feature of user name, password, biology identifies the system, unit that read card, or the aleatoric combination that is above means. Drawer lock is very solid, below the case that does not use a tool, cannot open forcibly through outside force. Storage goods cannot look through eye inspection, can extend randomly inside the system, reduced the risk that leaving the article that get without accredit circumstance. Diagnostic equipment of Nextpage   breakdown is contained inside the tray of buy diagnoses port, support is controlled remotely, diagnose reach maintenance. Efficient a variety of drawers can choose when buying an equipment, reduced a large amount of article government institute to need time. Ark of memory of newest science and technology assembled USB interface, DCS patulous port, can assist equipment to be used together with RFID and other. Use quick through ToolBOSS software, can be searched quickly and choose what to need goods; Below the help that identifies a system in LED at the same time, the user is OK more the drawer that stores place needs goods certainly conveniently. Chase after the ToolBOSS with powerful function of new moon sex? Software has complete data to inquire a function, can wait for information to undertake dogging inquiring to the use person of the article inside the system, use time, use place, use reason. Ark of memory of enlarge look sex is OK enlarge look comes every system 10 unit, can be in 13, position of 440 safe memory stores 1, 121 different article. High-tech product -- characteristic of software of cutting tool management: Cutting tool of · much position stores / · of   of ToolBOSSTM (POI)   can undertake to cutting tool product fast and efficient access operates   · product to order · but to appoint a supplier to send product of email   · automatically to order data to will be sent automatically with XML format to SAP system. The cost that cutting tool of · whole set runs   · to share · of   of preliminary adjustments of cutting tool of · of   of data of whole set cutting tool to manage measure   · to decide according to user accredit level · of safe level   is accurate according to date of lose effectiveness of verification analyses report advantage: · has accurate personalized government in many memory position (POI)     · shortens the · of latency time   that getting makings window simplifies and automation purchases flow   · but one key of · of as integrated as existing ERP system   extends · of   of whole set cutting tool visits all number quickly CNC Milling CNC Machining