Deep antrum bores hole the technology program of treatment and process designing

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[summary] deep aperture bores hole treatment all the time since it is the difficult problem in machinery and mould treatment, the deep opening that provides the 48 × 215mm on the mould in the light of glue undertook detailed treatment craft analysis and numerical control process designing weave, in the light of all sorts of problems that appear in machining a process, adopted a variety of plan to analyse contrast, then better settlement the difficult problem that the deep aperture of 48 × 215mm has machined the diameter, the hope is offerred to the process designing personnel of CNC Machining a few helps and draw lessons from action. Keyword: Deep Kong Jia is versed in; Bore hole; Craft analysis; The ceaseless development of 1 of   of numerical control process designing, foreword as modern industry, the application of numerical control machine tool also gains ground more and more, CNC Machining technology got in our country ceaseless promotion and perfect, the CNC Machining such as various products and mould enters Chinese market in succession, CNC Machining enterprise uses this huge market to increase the investment of oneself equipment and relevant technology personnel to introduce ceaselessly, the part that makes the person that China is acted in world manufacturing industry more and more important. How the treatment craft of reasonable and normative spare parts and the finished cost that reduce a hardware appear particularly important. Technical personnel wants blueprint of spare parts of have a thorough grasp not only, revise an appropriate and sound treatment plan according to the equipment circumstance of oneself even, want to make sure quality assures the life of equipment even already, so more deep-seated the authorized strength that has numerical control program appears very important. Because this wants to make the process designing division of a qualification, must have rich practice experience and good business technical ability, ability ensures the enterprise is creating the establish oneself in an unassailable position in the competition of the industry, the article is machined with respect to the deep aperture that in be aimed at machining, often encounters undertake analysis and process designing weave. Analysis of 2, part drawing and technology program   2.

Graph of analysis of blueprint of 1, spare parts shows part of mould of the canal that it is glue 1 times, have 4 diameters the aperture with 48 × deep 215mm needs to machine. Over all dimension 270 × of 420 × 250mm, next left and right sideses have 4 groove each on, aperture face has steps leading up to a house, two side have inclined plane each to go coordinate a side. Graph dimension of part of part of mould of 1 glue canal is like plan institute to show, the craft of this spare parts asks the round taper that is aperture cannot exceed 0.

1mm, exterior surface roughness is worth for Ra3.

2 μ M, pitch dimension public errand cannot exceed 0.

03mm, verticality is 0.

03mm, the product of this mould is vitreous glue canal, its wall is large have 0 only.

8mm, the client asks to exceed 0.

The ply of 8mm does not receive money, it may be said is thinner better, it is to save cost. At that time, the spare parts to so tall difficulty does not have a bottom in the heart really, although this unit is in charge of machining deep antrum to bore hole only, other respect client can cooperate to machine. Via trying for many times, excogitate to machine plan reasonably simply again already. 2.

  of program of 2, technology 2.


The   of simple treatment order before 1 spare parts bores hole (1) product after coming back, the groove that milling machine machines two side first, if the graph shows B, E 1 times to be in first thick hind essence of life, machine number. (2) the step that machines the front leaves thick, unilateral leaves surplus 0.

5mm, if the graph notifies office of A, F 1 times. (3) the step that machines underside leaves thick, unilateral leaves surplus 0.

5mm, if the graph notifies office of C, D 1 times. (4) install clip school to express afresh next, in be being divided on four sides, central getting machines fixed position, cent pace is machined by broach of 35mm of 24mm of diametical 10mm, diameter, diameter, with diametical 44mm broach treatment getting is worn finally thick. (5) face and copy are processed to old water mill after finishing, if the graph is shown 2 times,be in and grinding arrives several, make sure parallelism is 0.

03mm. (6) if the graph shows obligate of grinding of flank of B, E 1 times 0.

Surplus of 3mm finish machining. 2.


Of 2 spare partses outfit clip and locate standard work installs clip to be on numerical control workbench directly, 4 models foot is piled up respectively close, in school watch cent, error control is in 0.

03mm less than.   of   of CNC Machining of 3, spare parts 3.

Work of the preparation before 1, treatment abstains boring cutter: If the graph is shown 3 times,abstain tool carrier of a boring first, material is 837H character, first thick car, obligate 0.

5mm surplus, cylindrical grinder treatment is used after heat treatment, the key is to make sure coaxial is spent. The small tool carrier that sets bit buys standard component 10 × 10mm, facilitate change bit, assure dimension. The banking angle that small tool carrier installs inside is spent is 20 ° , the line cuts treatment, cooperate a bit closely. Bore of boring tool carrier matchs M6mm inside 6 horn screw, with inside penknife of locking of 6 horn screw is worn. Standard small tool carrier holds hard alloy razor blade, tool cutting edge angle 30 ° , knife face avoids after empty angle 15 ° , bit pointed horn takes R0.


4mm horn, reduce interface as far as possible, shake in case. Graph   of graph of dimension of 2 spare partses 3.

Program of 2, treatment decides   3.


1   uses program of 1 aperture treatment to walk along silk thread quickly to cut treatment, this kind of method is the directest and simple, need not leave thick, but have 215mm too greatly as a result of dimension, cool when treatment and solve very hard to water, and break a string easily, exterior surface roughness is worth short of requirement. 3.


2   adopt plan of treatment of 2, aperture treatment of silk of don't go yet, because hole depth is easy also fracture of wire, but the treatment cost of every aperture is made an appointment with 1, 945 yuan, the line of total consideration mould cuts cost near 7, 700 yuan, be head and shoulders above the client's costing. 3.


Milling of appearance of 3   numerical control machines program of 3 aperture treatment, install round knife bead or bead of lozenge alloy knife with lengthen hilt, deepness is statified treatment, because osculatory area is larger, every time feed and the voice when the treatment that retreat a knife is very big and harsh, the exterior surface roughness that treatment comes out is worth and dimension precision is not constant error, the groove that buckle still does not fall from time to tome among, only surface roughness is uncontrollable, far do not amount to mark. 3.


4 aperture machine plan 4   numerical control bores hole treatment, introducing model is 850B model, common machine tool all but, the Z axis height of this type is 500mm, tool carrier of can contented boring 230 ask with the treatment that adds 250mm of workpiece hole depth, and every aperture needs handling time only in all 2h, treatment precision is tall, exterior surface roughness is worth and dimension precision all accords with blueprint requirement. Machine the respect such as difficult easy degree to contrast through be being mixed to cost and treatment precision, the aperture of 4 machines reason option plan plan. 3.

3 numerical control bore hole treatment process   3.


1 outfit clip searchs the machine tool on workpiece, the code tightens the position of 4 horn, the parallel position of school smooth work and level are spent, if exceed 0.

03mm should wear the fluctuation face of workpiece again, assure the verticality of aperture very hard otherwise. Control of school watch public errand is in 0.

02mm less than, in 4 faces cent, it is 0 when process Z rod with face of the 2nd step, have as far as possible carry enoughly knife space. 3.


Rough machining of first time of tool carrier of 2 outfit boring measures the size that bolo of prep above of good boring razor blade wears with watch card, rough machining obligate is bosseyed 0.

5mm left and right sides, facilitating semifinishing machining. Tool cutting edge angle of boring razor blade 30 ° , knife face avoids after empty angle 15 ° , round horn of point of a knife is R0.


4mm horn, reduce interface as far as possible, decrease get power, shake generation to be buckled in case. Boring cutter needle is 0 to knife workpiece surface. 3.


3 bore hole G76X_Y_Z_R_Q_P_F_; of order injunction form, g76 bores hole for essence of life instruction, the coordinate position of X/Y/Z aperture, p has suspension for hole bottom, q states cutting tool machines suspensive deflection, carry when the knife in case scratch already machined flank. 3.


S of rotate speed of setting of parameter of 4 rough machining is 120 turn / Min, feed F is 80mm/min, cutting is measured 1.

0mm, cutting oil is cooling fluid, oily fluidity has needed, refrigeration reachs the designated position. 3.


Parameter of 5 semifinishing machining installs rough machining to end, undertake getting stuck counting mixing detecting, deep inside the dimension of aperture is usable inside Kong Ce compasses, it is to be able to have certain taper normally, rotate speed S is 110 turn / Min, feed F is 70mm/min, cutting is measured 0.

6mm, cutting oil is cooling fluid, oily fluidity has needed, refrigeration reachs the designated position the surface roughness that will assure finish machining. 3.


Setting of parameter of 6 finish machining machines every Kong Dou with new razor blade, rotate speed S is 100 turn / Min, enter 60mm/min, measure the place of good bit with 1000 minutes of card, locking penknife wears treatment. Foretaste aperture is machined, because the end face of workpiece has the steps leading up to a house of a 15mm, achieve blueprint requirement till dimension. Of 4, program write a specification: Rough machining, of the value that the F that changes program content only with finish machining and S machine in can. The spot that 5, treatment sums up this to covered treatment program to be passed several times is improved, from appearance milling treatment program begins to be made, midway should carry the knife bead that the knife changes for many times, the handling time of every aperture about 4h, the surface roughness value that treatment comes out makes a client special headache, bring about machine of the 2nd working procedure to save modular polish an aperture needs one day, polishing comes out the circularity of round hole is unqualified still. Graph 3 boring tool carrier is used bore hole treatment, basically be feed and speed the setting of two parameter, feed speed is calculated normally Vc= π DN/1, 000, pass spot treatment for many times, ceaseless and improved, final summary gives S of finish machining rotate speed to be 100 turn / Min, feed F is 60mm/min, although the result is simple, pay many, but the treatment in reaching / semifinishing machining and finish machining can be finished each, the gross handling time of every aperture is in 2h less than, cylinder is spent and surface roughness value amounts to mark entirely, reduced fabricating time of the client, improved manufacturing efficiency truly, won a client reputably. This covers 6, last word to bore hole finally although treatment program is simple, but process fact is not easy, the result that lacks any details treatment to come out may be different, what deep aperture bores hole to worry most is to be afraid of to in machining a process, appear shake, suffer force to be brought about greatly too buckle, workpiece will discard as useless. The setting that waits for treatment parameter in bit choice, note accordingly these a few respects, because him level is finite,the hope can have a few effect that draw lessons from and prevent, and experience is scant, in article compose process, consulted not little data and document, got Mr. Zhang Lijuan assist energetically, and offerred precious opinion to the modification of full text. Mr. Ceng Fuhui undertook to the paper wholeheartedly directive, express cordial gratitude! Bibliographical reference   [1] Zhang Kehui.

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