Xi Menzi transducer is in the 1250 application that even if cut,go up

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Summarize 1250 even if cut machine it is the treatment that takes to satisfy high accuracy copperplate, undertake copper heads branch, cut a margin, produce the machine of high accuracy strip, spend to form of tower of the strip after height of burr of deviation of finished product width, finished product, reel-up (whole) , abrade of turn of wrong layer, side, surface have particular demand. Generally speaking, its are main technological process is: Open a book to read, cut, tensional generation, reel-up, makings of intermediate complementary above, school is smooth, cut board head, amortize, guide, receive an useless edge, cent to coil, give the course such as makings. The uncoiler when equipment is working is in send material status automatically, strip enters disc to cut via orgnaization of side direction guiding cut banding a makings, the useless margin that cuts closes by useless edge machine at the same time roll, banding tension is entered to stand after expecting through amortize work covers hole, next by reel-up machine strip shape of trimly roll into canister, finally by throw-off carriage expect a discharge to store on makings stage. 2.

Profibus of technology of Profibus bus line (Process Field Bus) , it is one kind is used at communication of monitoring of class of factory automation workshop and data of spot equipment layer and technology of pilot spot bus line, can realize spot equipment layer to arrive the control of dispersive type number of workshop class monitoring and spot communication. The structure of Profibus agreement is referenced model with OSI of open system internet network according to ISO7498 international standard, profibus-DP (dispersive model peripheral equipment) used interface of layer and ground floor, the 2nd user only. Ground floor - PHY, set type of connective of circuit medium, physics and electric character. The RS485 that Profibus-DP outputs through needing minute of voltage realizes voltaic join. Online sex pictures attacks double skeining thread is used to join below the structure. The 2nd - MAC, described the bus line that receives transmission medium repeatedly to access a method. Profibus-DP uses a kind of mixture access method. The 2nd - FLC, set pair of low layer interface. The 2nd - FMA1/2 finishs the 2nd - set of parameter of MAC specific bus line and ground floor set. Profibus-DP uses communication of principal and subordinate and your card news report, advocate station and from lean between the station advocate the inquiry of the station and the response from the station have news report. Advocate station and advocate rely on to get bus line controls right between the station (your card) have news report. RS-485 is a Profibus-DP is the most commonly used kind, appellative for H2, use screen twinning copper cash cable, the equipment that should accord with Profibus-DP agreement only can be hanged on bus line. RS-485 every paragraphs most 32 sites, take repeater to be able to arrive 127 a little bit at most. Transmit optional 9.

6kbps ~ 12Mbps, 100m is when 12Mbit/s of the largest space, use repeater to be able to increase transmission space, the largest transmission space can amount to the network 90km. Profibus is a kind of internationalization, open mode, Lai Yu notting comply the standard of spot bus line of equipment production business. Additionally one kind of transmission medium is fiber-optic FO is transmitted, it is used at interference very earth environment. Profibus-DP: ? Low? of Pu of Piao of far  of king crab of Xi of ⒔ of Huan of  of Sui of  of Ji of Dong of mother of bag of 〖 of breed of Tao  Mei An if PLC, PC) through high speed serial bus line and dispersive spot equipment (I/O, driver, valve) between. Use Profibus-DP can replace the 24V of the spot or the collateral signal of 0-20mA transmits a technology. Additional, profibus-FMS (standard of technology of spot bus line) : ? Does Bian of Zhuang of canister of contest of general of Piao of charcoal of Mei Quan  shut ㄑ of guest of naphthalene of  of Mu Ling of bureau  Lai to bite does Xi of wall of  Tao  grow permanent teeth guide ㄑ of forge of Mei Nie Piao spends Rofibus-PA of Wo Chi  (process automation) : ? ひ of Tao  Mei Quan pounds? of hot  breed.

The network structure of system of systematic compose cost pursues as follows: 3.

1 hardware forms: Operator stands (HMI) : Grind China IPPC9150T can make up Cheng controller: S7-300, CPU315; The Ximen Zishi quantity such as ET200 frequency control implement 6SE703.

2 software form: Wincc6.

0, Step7 V5.

3, Drive ES Basic V5.


System advocate station 4.


Operator stands (HMI) (2 kinds advocate station) operator station is located in inside field work stage, using grind China labour accuses machine insert CP5611 net card, CP5611 oneself does not take microprocessor, it is short PCI card, can run a variety of software packages, software platform is Windows 2000, go up labour accuses a monitoring configuration software is Wincc6.

0 (Windows Control Center) is 32 object-oriented industry below Windows environment control configuration software, it suits any automation to control a system, support a variety of PLC systems. Can intuitionistic ground undertakes manufacturing operating on one hand on operator station, for instance: Supplied materials width, ply, tension, speed, undertake monitoring produces each parameter in the process on one hand, for instance: Speed, tension, roll diameter, can wait through curve of good plan, trend come monitoring the metabolic trend of each parameter, the comprehensive understanding that is helpful for opposite producing a course and accurate and seasonable ground undertake breakdown is judged. 4.

2S7-300CPU315-2DP but program controller (a kind advocate station) S7-300 CPU315 regards control as class core, have DP and MPI opening, use Profibus - communication of DP spot bus line joins each transmission system and cent stand. Its are main the function has: Be in electronic-controlled the labour of the room accuses machine, PLC is to build what go up in foundation of network of Profibus of spot bus line, insert on PLC communication network card is CP343-1, join manages a network to superstratum information, CP1613 net card and PLC communication are inserted on 2 class computer, insert aether net card and factory at the same time 3 class network is linked together, receive and send concerned production message; And the DP mouth that takes additionally oneself for S7-315 together, receive Profibus-DP of network of rock-bottom device control character repeatedly. Main effect of network of rock-bottom device control character is to control whole technological process and corresponding movement, carry network of Profibus of spot industry bus line, the control that the ET200 that makes craft controls a system and each transducer give out dictates, dominate action of respective and corresponding equipment. In the meantime, every ET200 and each transducer pass a network to send his condition message to relevant PLC on one hand, accept the state information of other ET200 and each transducer through the network on the other hand, in order to decide next actions, assure to cut tangent and successive normal production. 4.

In computer of 3 2 class: Basically offer data file, craft parameter file, make a number automatically, monthly magazine, annals or the statistical etc that make by breed norms, with breakdown feedback reachs processing. At the same time but with net of couplet of net of mill industry aether. Software platform is Windows 2000, go up a monitoring labour software accusing state is Wincc6.

0, what and certain competence compares operator station in 2 class computer go up is tall. 5.

System from the station 5.

1ET200M (from the station) each sensor signal and nearby of abundantly I/O equipment receive Profibus to show a place where people gather for various purposes to stand, the DP mouth that passes IM153 module is the same as PLC communication, so OK of utmost reduce spot wiring job, simplify the complexity of spot wiring, in the meantime, can reduce signal to be opposite with all sorts of interference damply the influence of signal. 5.

System of 2 communication transmission (from the station) the timing performance with superior technology of communication frequency control and distinct energy-saving effect, make its make one of main development way of modern electric drive. This system uses controller of series of vector control SEMENS 6SE70, its characteristic: 1) standardization and modular. The structure of whole transducer is very compact, advocate board reach patulous board having is to pass bus line to insert groovy join, each component is adjacent, facilitating maintenance. As a result of compositive those who spend rise, make device has very high reliability. 2) get used to power source voltage fluctuant range is wide, 45-65HZ of change of can self-reacting mains frequency. 3) have diagnose processing function very by force oneself, provide the additional information of concerned breakdown reason, safeguard convenient. 4) can use a variety of means communication such as USS, Profibus-DP, Simolink and couplet network. 5) control of word of 32 CPU total number, configuration function is rich. 6) can undertake optimizing in the light of specific communication electric machinery, in order to achieve good control performance. 7) frequency precision is tall, achieve 0.

001Hz, frequency range is wide, can output the frequency of 0-600Hz. The transducer device drive of general in communicating transmission use independence needs to increase pass on unit or resistor of apply the brake. Use pass on unit means, its investment cost is high, circuit is complex, safeguard difficulty. Because energy is used up entirely,use resistor of apply the brake go up in resistor of apply the brake, it is a kind of wasteful means. Accordingly, use common dc generatrix can suit oneself adjust different requirement the moment of force of apply the brake of next electromotor be pullinged. In cutting tangent production, as a result of the tensional action of strip, uncoiler entered second birth to generate electricity condition of apply the brake, the commutate of diode of follow on current of electric energy classics that give out becomes dc to pass on dc generatrix, furnish energy of apply the brake other inverter, electric energy is managing quite considerable also, make an appointment with than using phone of division of fashion of resistor of apply the brake 30% . Additional, use dc generatrix technology total investment of more independent than each transducer is managing 20% . Nextpage6.

Systematic configuration and parameter setting are with reel-up machine exemple, the strip after cutting, undertake reel-up in order to decide machine line speed, reel-up realizes tensional gradient control, gradient 0 - 50 % . π of N = V/(D* ) *i M= (T*D/2) / in I type: D coils material diameter, I drive is compared, use vector to control pair of T (tension) , V (linear velocity) timely control, have M at the same time (torsion) , N (rotate speed) signal output, made sure the system is right tension and speed (0.

5% ) accurate control. Above lists the echelon of partial speed, torsion pursues, be like trends otherly to compensate module, static state to compensate the element such as length of module be confined to, technology, be absent listed, the amount that sets module of drive of translate into of set-point of speed, torsion just was worth, transmit transmission module to undertake controlling by PLC. Nextpage6SE series transducer / inverter is in CUVC advocate board on pass join of adapter of CBP2 bus line is inserted to arrive on Profibus bus line on ADB board, CBP2 has the RS485 opening that report keeps apart, transducer connects Profibus bus line to go up through the connector of the 9 needles SUB-D of CBP2. Advocate the station can undertake moving controlling operating to transducer through it, adjust the running frequency, function code that changes transducer, read those who take transducer to run state. Transducer also is opposite through CBP2 feedback advocate the reply of station control signal, advocate the station can judge control signal to carry out a circumstance according to the reply of transducer. Pass Drive ES Basic V5.

1 software undertakes to transducer parameter is installed, in periodic communication, profibus-DP uses PPO (object process kind) the form that the type delivers as data. It has kind of 5 kinds of PPO, select PPO kind according to information content size, useful data is PKW and PZD in its message, PKW is worth an area for parameter identification, most 4 words, basically be to read write parameter, PZD is process data division, most 10 words, be like: The set of electric current, speed and feedback value, basically be set value and condition value. This what the line uses is PPO2 type, make parameter P060=2, store in EEPROM, parameter restores to be worth to default (factory set is worth) , after this can ask according to the spot and craft set each device parameter. Main parameter controls mode for P100, p101 electric machinery is rated voltage, the rated electric current of P102 electromotor, the rated frequency Hz of P107 electromotor, the specified rate of P108 electromotor, and the choice setting of all sorts of craft parameter, parameter P734 and data piece DB establishs data link, set of P918 transducer letterhead, download corresponding transducer next, such PLC can establish communication link with transducer, this exemple is the OB1 in STEP7 SFC14 is called in constituent piece " DPRD_DAT " , SFC15 " DPWR_DAT " systematic function piece undertake reading with transducer, keep data switch, echelon pursues as follows. 7.

Technology of bus line of conclusion Profibus spot, greatly managing control cable, make the complexity of spot wiring simplifies effectively, construction of system is more clear, managing cost, also shortened greatly at the same time construction, debug time. The vector of transducer of series of Xi Menzi 6SE is controlled, raise level of control system performance, if control precision and trends,answer time. Of generatrix of public direct current use the second birth that can use uncoiler to generate electricity, reduce the specific power consumption of whole set. The application of these technologies made sure this line is economically reasonable, on the technology advanced, contented copper heads branch quality requirement, more reliable, handy, energy-saving. CNC Milling CNC Machining